Why did Genevieve Parisi leave The Bachelor? What you should know

Genevieve Parisi may not be an “actress” like Shanae Ankney said she is, but she’s not the person for Bachelor Clayton Echard either. On the February 21 episode, Genevieve felt bad about being invited on another group date instead of finally getting a one-on-one date with Clayton. It turns out that group date was the turning point that made Genevieve leave The bachelor.

Along with a handful of the remaining women, Genevieve was invited to a group therapy session where each woman had a couples therapy session with Clayton. Genevieve was immediately uncomfortable because she said she doesn’t like to talk about her feelings. She and Clayton spoke about struggling to open up so far this season.

“I want to come through and understand who you are, and my concern is I’m wondering if that’s possible,” Clayton said. But when Genevieve still couldn’t be on guard, Clayton decided to interrupt her therapy session to talk privately with Genevieve about how she made it difficult for him to feel confident about meeting her family in the week ahead. “With hometowns around the corner and family reunions, it’s really hard for me to meet your family when it’s hard to see what’s behind those walls,” Clayton explained.


Genevieve agreed that they weren’t “there” in their relationship to take a more serious path. So Genevieve and Clayton mutually broke up and decided they were just going to run out of time to really get to know each other. “I’m not going to get anywhere unless I break down my walls,” Genevieve said as she left. “I’ve got some stuff to work on, that’s for sure. But I have no regrets because I did everything I could. It just wasn’t meant to be.”

Genevieve never dated Clayton, but she did date Shanae. During that date, she was accused of being an actress. Clayton eventually believed Genevieve was real, but it still wasn’t enough to salvage their relationship long-term.

Season 26 of The bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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