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Did you know that around 44 percent of couples getting married go through counseling today before even tying the knot? The decision to seek counseling is a big decision that should be made in the best interest of your partner.

No matter why you start couples counseling, it can be very nerve-wracking. Read below what to expect from your first therapy appointment and relax your nerves!

First therapy appointment

Here’s what happens at the first therapy appointment: When you first meet the therapist, you and your partner see the counselor at the same time. Most of your sessions will be together, apart from one or two sessions where the therapist may wish to meet the two of you individually.

The point of these one-on-one meetings is to get some backstory that you may not feel comfortable sharing in front of your partner. The first couples therapy appointment is important because it sets the stage for what you can expect and what you both need to work on for future sessions together.

be vulnerable

Most people are afraid to express themselves, but in therapy it’s important that you express all your feelings and become vulnerable. Being vulnerable will help you express the pain and insecurities you may have in your relationship, such as those thoughts of “why does my husband hate me“.

If you are afraid of being vulnerable, remember that this is normal and will only help you and your partner in the long run.

fear of divorce

Many people worry that attending counseling and the first therapy appointment could create cracks and eventually lead to a separation or divorce.

This is not true, as counseling is meant to bring about healing, not separation. A therapist will not express if they think you two are compatible.

The therapist’s job is to guide you through your problems in the relationship by teaching you how to manage your differences and how to communicate effectively with one another.

set goals

When you go into counseling you cannot go in blindly and you must set goals for yourself and your partner as to what you want to achieve through this whole process.

If you are unsure of where or how to set your goals, this is where the therapist comes in and will help you in your first session to clearly define your goals and work towards achieving them.

You and your partner may have different goals, but you can still work with the therapist to find improvement and healing.

to feel understood

Of course you will have a lot of thoughts and emotions going through your head when you have that first therapy appointment, and that’s totally understandable. A good relationship with your therapist will put you on the path to healing in no time.

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