Veteran Slams Triple H For Bringing Stars “Who Are Not Ready” To WWE Main Roster (Exclusive)

While Triple H has been praised by some of the online fan base for his work as WWE’s creative mind, wrestling veteran Vince Russo recently stressed that The Game’s approach didn’t bring any new fans to the company.

The former WWE executive writer recently broke down the pros and cons of the Triple-H regime and acknowledged the new boss’s efforts to change the WWE product. However, Vince Russo felt booking decisions under Triple H still lacked substance and were aimed at keeping the “brands” happy.

Triple H has promoted many NXT stars to the main roster, but Russo believes they’re not ready for the big leagues just yet.

Russo also disliked the long wrestling matches and lack of in-ring psychology, as he explained below in the latest statement Write with Russo Consequence:

“At this point I have nothing to go back to. He’s making it all happen with long wrestling matches, bringing all the NXT talent that isn’t ready to the main stage,” Russo said. “Lack of ring psychology in these games, lack of storylines, lack of cliffhangers, etc. etc. etc.” [From 4:50 to 5:18]

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Vince Russo says Triple H isn’t doing enough to catch the attention of casual WWE fans

As we previously revealed, Vince Russo gave Triple H a C- grade after the Cerebral Assassin spent three months at the helm of WWE. Russo said that Triple H made a mistake by focusing on its NXT blueprint as it may not be able to keep casual wrestling fans on RAW and SmackDown.

Triple H has undoubtedly moved away from Vince McMahon’s brand of professional wrestling, but Russo didn’t think it would keep fans invested for any length of time.

Russo said that Triple H was pandering to the fans WWE already has, rather than seeking a broader audience.

“Where he continues to fail and pull the C-, that’s what we talk about all the time. It’s aimed at people who are already watching the show,” Vince continued. “So if I’m a casual wrestling fan and I’ll give this thing a shot because if it’s good and different then maybe I’ll come back to it, okay? So I think he’s failing badly when he’s serving an audience, he already has, which I’ve been saying for over a decade.” [From 5:19 to 5:40]

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A former WWE writer rates Triple H’s regime a C-. Click here for more details

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