Police are asking the public for help in locating two missing teenagers.

Kaylee Jones has been missing from her Georgia home for more than two months. Daniel and Brenda Jones fear their daughter may have been a victim of sex trafficking. The 16-year-old, who is autistic, disappeared after her parents took her cellphone. It was discovered that the girl chatted with several men online.

In another Alabama case, 17-year-old Tarasha Benjamin disappeared after going to a flea market. Benjamin left with a friend that Saturday morning. Then Benjamin borrowed his friend’s car. It was found a mile from the flea market with the driver’s side windows smashed. Benjamin has been missing since 2010.

Today at Nancy Grace:

Dale Carson – Criminal Attorney (Jacksonville), Former FBI Agent, Former Cop, Author: Arrest-Proof Yourself
dr Shari Schwartz – Forensic Psychologist, Risk Reduction Expert, Student Advisor; Author: “Criminal Behavior” and “Where Law and Psychology Intersect: Issues in Legal Psychology”
Sheryl McCollum – Forensics expert and founder of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute; Twitter: @ColdCaseTips
Nicole Partin – CrimeOnline Investigative Reporter; Twitter: @nicolepartin
John W. Dill, Esquire – Personal Injury Attorney, Winter Park, Florida, Author: “The Method: Proven Techniques for Winning Jury Trials”
Caryn Stark – New York psychologist; Twitter: @carynpsych, Facebook: “Caryn Stark”
Joe Scott Morgan
JoScott Morgan – Professor of Forensic Science: Jacksonville State University; Author, “Blood Under My Feet”; Host: “Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan”
Dave Mack Crime Online Investigation Reporter; Host of The Mark and Mack Show, LifeRadio.FM

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  • Daniel Jones – Victim’s father, Facebook: “Where’s Kaylee Jones”

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