Twitch forced xQc to participate in the “streamer therapy” after a previous ban

Felix “xQc” Lengyel has revealed that Twitch is forcing Streamer to attend therapy sessions in order to unlock the platform.

xQc is a controversial streamer who was first noticed as toxic in the Overwatch League. He later decided to switch to full-time streaming, where he was constantly in the spotlight for his troll-like antics in and out of the game and his strong opinions about other streamers. His behavior has resulted in Twitch bans many times, including once when he was banned for the second time in June 2020.

Back in June 2020, xQc was banned because it showed a clip of two gorillas going to Pound Town. xQc had opened the clip by a fan without knowing what the video contained. When he saw that it was sexual in nature, xQc got out. But it was too late and xQc received a 24-hour ban from Twitch for the lewd presentation.

What nobody knew, however, was that after this second suspension, xQc was forced to take part in “streamer therapy” – and the head of the Twitch community production, Marcus “dJWHEAT” Graham, was his therapist.

xQc said on a stream recently, “Back when I was banned, Twitch said that part of me was unbanned … I had to become like some kind of streamer therapy. I had to agree to one or more sessions of Streamer Reform Therapy. I am not joking.”

During the therapy session, djWHEAT asked xQc why he believed he was locked out. The “discussion” involved djWHEAT asking if xQc knew if what he was doing was bad and why. The hour and a half session felt like an “anonymous streamer” thing to him.

Apparently the therapy session with xQc didn’t work that well. He was banned a total of five times, including three more times after the streamer therapy session with djWHEAT. This included stream sniping and sharing the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It’s unclear whether xQc had to participate in streamer therapy following one of these incidents.

No other streamers opened up about streamer therapy. It’s unclear if this is a requirement for all streamers or if this was a special case due to the popularity of xQc on the platform. Since djWHEAT is not a licensed therapist, the session was more about Twitch’s Terms of Use than xQc’s mental state or the reasons for its online behavior, although the full details of the session are still unclear.

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