The Valle del Sol health services in the spotlight

Valle del Sol was founded in 1970 to fill a void in the behavioral health and social services available to the Latino community and the underserved population.

Counseling, substance abuse treatment, health services, and leadership development programs are offered in English and Spanish.

Customers can receive wellness exams from health care providers, in addition to mental health services that help with anxiety, depression, and relationships. Self-help groups for adults and young people are offered to help with self-confidence, drug and alcohol abuse and to impart life skills.

The organization also offers court-ordered treatment classes in anger management, domestic violence, parenting, and substance abuse courses.

Last year, Valle del Sol received a $ 20,000 scholarship from the Arizona Republic-sponsored Season for Sharing. A total of $ 2.1 million went to 176 organizations serving children and families, teachers and students, and elderly Arizonans. This year’s fundraiser started on November 14th.

“Over the years, Season for Sharing and the Arizona Republic subscribers have … donated generously, enabling organizations like ours to expand our reach and serve more families than we otherwise could have done,” said Erika Mach of Valle del Sol, adding that financial support for nonprofits “delivers oxygen”.

How many people do you help each year? We serve different communities … through our seven locations, our mobile health units, and through our telemedicine option. In 2020, Valle del Sol served nearly 20,000 people in Arizona.

How was the Season for Sharing Grant spent? Programs are designed to help families find joy during stressful times using family bonding techniques and zoom interfaces. It also helped offer creative self-care courses.

How do you measure success? By making sure families get the services they need. Individuals feel better about completing programs and are better prepared with useful skills for their emotional and physical health.

What are your company’s greatest needs? Funding support and assistance in hiring therapists and staff … as we begin the healing process from the stress and anxiety as a result of the pandemic.

Any obstacles or challenges? Valle del Sol is working to meet workforce challenges to serve more people quickly. As people continue to see the effects of COVID-19, we will remain a culturally literate health resource for families to care for their physical and behavioral health needs.

5 ways to give away Season for Sharing

  • Complete the secure online form at
  • Write “SHARING” to 91-999 and click on the link in the SMS.
  • Go online at and look for the entry “DONATE HERE”.
  • On page 4A of The Arizona Republic, cut out, fill in, and mail the coupon to PO Box 29250, Phoenix AZ 85038-9250.

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