The Mantra Health digital mental health clinic now serves 22 college campuses with more than 100,000 students across Pennsylvania

– Muhlenberg College is the newest school to partner with Mantra to add telemedicine to the on-campus counseling center’s mental health services and drug management.

– Mantra’s fully integrated telemedicine platform makes evidence-based psychiatric care accessible to college students through virtual video visits and 24/7 messaging.

– After the success of studying with Mantra in 2020, the Moravian University is renewing and expanding teletherapy services for all of its students.

LEHIGH VALLEY, PA. and NEW YORK, November 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Mantra health, a digital mental health clinic working with colleges, today announced a new partnership with. known Mühlenberg University of Applied Sciences from Allentown, Pennsylvania Brings the total number of campuses where Mantra is used Pennsylvania to 22. Already in use everywhere Penn State’s Campus and Moravian University, Mantra uses a combination of proprietary technology and a group of providers to fully integrate directly with on-campus counseling centers to expand mental health services through telemedicine. Mühlenberg University of Applied Sciences The partnership with Mantra will ensure timely, coordinated psychiatric specialist care and medication management for all Muhlenberg students.

Mantra Health’s mission is to improve the mental health of young adults by making evidence-based mental health services, and especially specialized psychiatric care, available to all colleges and universities. (PRNewsfoto / Mantra Health)

In the past decade, psychiatric treatment of college students has doubled in the use of psychiatric medication (up to 1 in 4 college students). And the proportion of students who are seen by general practitioners but not by psychiatrists is increasing 58.8% of the students Compared to obtaining their psychiatric medication from general practitioners 36.1% from mental health providers.

Although Muhlenberg has a strong team of mental health advisors on campus, the lack of providers in the local community has struggled to ensure adequate access to specialized mental health care – a common challenge for schools outside of major metropolitan areas. As a state, Pennsylvania is currently experiencing a Skilled labor shortage in psychiatry, especially in his rural counties.

The partnership with Mantra Health will enable Muhlenberg’s on-campus counselors to refer to board certified psychiatric specialists associated with Mantra, collaborate on evidence-based treatment plans, coordinate care, and patient progression over time to pursue. Mantra Health’s closed-loop digital care program combines telehealth technology with patient support services to ensure that referred Muhlenberg students stay involved in treatment and don’t fall through the cracks.

“One of the reasons we wanted to work with Mantra Health is because of their collaborative approach,” said Dr. Timothy Silvestri, Head of the counseling center at Mühlenberg University of Applied Sciences. “Our partnership not only makes it easy for our staff to make referrals to psychiatric specialists so our students can avoid long waiting times, but it is also designed to involve students in their own care. Students are encouraged to ask questions about medication or therapy between appointments. We know this level of commitment will help our students continue to care, use their medication properly, and build the trust and relationship with their providers that are necessary for successful outcomes. “

Backlogs for mental health care in rural schools often result in waiting times of up to a month or more, posing a serious health risk to students. Traditional off-campus referrals to local providers require significant expenses and scheduling challenges for students and pose logistical barriers to effectively coordinating care with on-campus health providers. The partnership with Mantra Health gives Muhlenberg advisors the ability to recruit students into psychiatric treatment that same week, and also allows them to work with a mantra-affiliated provider on psychiatric drug management to improve student health outcomes through collaborative medical decision-making.

Also in Lehigh Valley, Moravian University of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania started working with Mantra Health last year. Moravian originally teamed up with Mantra to help provide psychiatric care to their undergraduates and to provide teletherapy to their graduate students. This academic year the school expanded its partnership with Mantra to offer both telepsychiatry and teletherapy to all of its students.

“On average, 78% and 84% of the students in psychiatric treatment at our partner schools have seen improvements in their symptoms of depression and anxiety,” said Ed Gaussen, CEO and Co-Founder of Mantra Health. “Also, 2/3 of the students attribute the psychological counseling to Mantra to keep them up to date with their academics. We are honored more and more.” Pennsylvania Colleges have partnered with us to break down the barriers that traditionally make access to mental health services, especially mental health care, difficult for students in the state. “

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