The Experience Bank supports Dittolo in raising awareness of mental health in the workplace

WWhen Duncan Robertson and his twin brother Guy were both laid off during the pandemic, they knew it was time to start their own business and thanks to the support they received from The Experience Bank, the siblings are now striding ahead with the launch the first phase ahead of the Dittolo solution.

Dittolo is a data-driven solution that enables employers to make evidence-based positive change by providing the company with insight into the mental health landscape in their organization. The data insights drive informed interventions, foster more engaged, happier teams, and help organizations be great places to work so they can attract and retain talent.

In founding it, Duncan and Guy used all their experience from their own network to advise them and a brilliant concept was created with plans, strategy, technology, branding and offering. Using their network at NatWest (Nickie Kilkenny), they were connected to Moray Martin, who suggested they speak to Peter Neal of The Experience Bank to take the deal to the next level. Duncan said:

“After a successful start, we realized we were ready for consulting expertise in a number of key areas including IT, business development, apps and growth strategy. Peter was highly recommended by our network so we reached out. We are very glad we did as we are delighted to now be working with three highly qualified advisors who complete our Advisory Board.

“A big thank you to Peter for his help, we found him so easy to talk to and he has an incredible network and reputation. He is enthusiastic and passionate and we look forward to a long working relationship when we are ready to hire high-level people.”

Peter looks forward to the future of Dittolo with Mark Scanlon, Duncan Davies and John Harrison providing advice on app development, strategy and scaling and growth. He said:

“Dittolo is a fabulous concept and it has an interesting journey ahead of it under the guidance of this trio of advisors. I will be monitoring this closely and look forward to supporting the team when they are ready to make other important appointments.”

The Experience Bank Group comprises the philanthropic social enterprise The Experience Bank, as well as a commercial company that offers three symbiotic services – EB Board-level recruitment, EB High Performing Boards and EB Continuous Personal Development.

With this combination of expertise, Experience Bank Group is uniquely positioned to help organizations ensure they not only have the right leadership team and board skills, but also optimal board performance with higher added value.

5% of all Experience Bank Group revenue is donated to social enterprise The Experience Bank to help more startups, early stage businesses, charities and social enterprises access highly skilled, consulting and non-executive talent.

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