The best episodes of this are “We,” according to IMDb.

NBC’s hit drama series This is us came to an end last week after six heartbreaking seasons. Fans watched as the Pearson family mourned the loss of their father and eventually their mother, started families of their own, and grew into the people they were always meant to be.

Throughout the series, not every episode of This is us was a winner. Some had viewers crying their eyes out, while others looked like plot holes waiting to be passed. Regardless, there are many of the 106 episodes that were near perfect, including the four that featured the deaths of major characters.


10 The Fifth Wheel (Season 2 Episode 11) – 9.2

Kevin, Kate and Randall lean against each other on This Is Us

The Fifth Wheel focused on the various losses that the Pearson family had to endure alone and eventually together. From Kevin’s addiction that led him to lose Sophie a second time, to Kate’s miscarriage and Randall’s heartbreaking goodbye to Deja, no one was safe from pain on this episode.

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“The Fifth Wheel” finally acknowledges the elephant in the room; that the spouses of Pearson family members are never quite as valued as Pearsons themselves. Watching Beth, Toby and Miguel interact and exchange jabs with the Big Three was fun and a nice break from the contentious, awkward therapy session that took place at Kevin’s rehab facility.

9 The Car (Season 2 Episode 15) – 9.2

Jack in his car at This Is Us

“Das Auto” took 40 minutes to explain how important a vehicle can be in a family’s history. From the day Jack brought home the family station wagon until Rebecca drove the car home alone after his death, this car has been with the Pearsons through the good, the bad, and the ugly moments of their lives.

Season 2 of This is us refused to give viewers time to grieve, with each episode making her a little more teary-eyed and a lot more heartbroken. The Car was no exception, especially seeing how incredibly happy this car made Jack and how sad it made Rebecca to drive without him in it.

8th Strangers: Part Two (Season 4, Episode 18) – 9.3

Toby, Baby Jack and Kate at This Is Us

“Strangers: Part Two” AKA the season four finale This is usShe did exactly what the show did best. Mixing flashbacks and flashforwards with today’s moments, it unveiled shocking revelations.

At the beginning of the season, Kevin stated that he would be married and have a child by the time he was 41, and in this episode he got exactly what he wanted. Madison announced she was pregnant after their one-night stand, and a flash-forward revealed they were engaged. Meanwhile, other big revelations took place, like the fact that Kate and Toby are having another child and Randall and Kevin have become estranged after a falling out over Rebecca’s deteriorating health.

7 Family Reunion (Season 6, Episode 16) – 9.3

Kate, Kevin and Randall take care of Rebecca on This Is Us

The sixth season of This is us has jumped through time a lot, eventually airing its final episodes in the late 2020s and early 2030s. As Rebecca’s health continued to deteriorate following the loss of Miguel, the Pearson siblings joined forces for an official meeting to discuss how to approach their end-of-life care.

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“Family Meeting” resurrected the Pearsons. Randall wanted Rebecca to live with him, Kevin wanted to give her the best care in the world, and Kate wasn’t sure what to do. Finally, they came to a decision about how best to love their mother in her final moments. Seeing the Big Three unite for Rebecca was something she would have wished for, even if she couldn’t be fully present at the moment.

6 This Will Be the Day (Season 2 Episode 13) – 9.3

Jack in the Pearson kitchen in This Is Us

The episodes leading up to Jack’s inevitable death were among the most terrifying viewers had ever seen. Especially at the end of That’ll Be The Day, fans yelled at the TV for Jack to unplug the crockpot and avoid the events of the next episode.

The episode was also a turning point for Kate, as she was finally able to heal some of the guilt and trauma she suffered from Jack’s death. At 37, she was able to adopt another dog and slowly stopped blaming herself for her father running back into their burning house. Additionally, fans found out that Kevin wasn’t even home the night of the infamous fire and stormed out after a huge argument with Jack that ended in him never seeing his dad again.

5 The Shack (Season 4, Episode 14) – 9.5

Kevin, Kate and Randall in the This Is Us dressing room

“The Cabin” was a big episode of The Big Three. The Pearson siblings, each struggling with their own lives, came together to process current and past wounds. The entire episode was dedicated to this family cabin, having seen so much over the years.

Fans learned how abusive Kate’s ex-boyfriend Marc really was from the fact that he left her out in the cold and verbally abused her. In the early ’90s, viewers experienced a trip into the cabin and the memories made there, including the Pearson family’s time capsule. The episode felt like a time capsule, uncovering the past and leaving room for the future.

4 Memphis (Season 1, Episode 16) – 9.5

Randall says goodbye to William on This Is Us

“Memphis” was the first episode of This is us That made fans realize just how heartbreaking this drama series was going to be. Killing off a character as prominent as William in the very first season was brave, as was the decision to have an episode solely focused on the relationship between just two characters; Randall and his birth father.

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“Memphis” gave viewers and Randall a chance to say goodbye to William, something no one was willing to do. The father and son didn’t spend much life together, but the moments they shared were rewarding and full of love. William’s death inspired Randall to live and love harder, a wake-up call he didn’t know he needed.

3 Miguel (Season 6, Episode 15) – 9.6

Elderly Miguel Rivas helps elderly Rebecca Pearson Rivas out of bed in This Is Us

For six seasons, fans wondered how Miguel and Rebecca ended up getting married. They knew neither of them would ever betray Jack, but neither could they understand how Rebecca could end up with her late husband’s best friend.

“Miguel” ended up answering every question viewers had about Miguel. It was a tribute episode all around him, something that surely should have happened years ago. Viewers learned about Miguel’s personal struggles, his relationships with Shelly and Rebecca, and how the Pearsons didn’t appreciate their stepfather until his final moments.

2 The Train (Season 6, Episode 17) – 9.7

Rebecca looks out of the train in This Is Us

“The Train” could have served as the series finale for This is us. Instead, fans were left with an episode consisting mostly of flashbacks filmed three years ago, while the penultimate episode perfectly summed up what the show was about; Life and Death of Matriarch Rebecca Pearson.

Rebecca’s time on the train (led by none other than Randall’s biological father, William) showcased her journey in processing her strengths and imperfections throughout life. While she went on a drive, her children said tearful goodbyes and eventually made peace with the loss of another parent. They also showed some appreciation for their mother, something six seasons in the making.

1 Super Bowl Sunday (Season 2, Episode 14) – 9.7

Jack and Rebecca watch the Superbowl in This Is Us

“Super Bowl Sunday” was the post-Super Bowl show of 2018. For the first time, This is us aired on a Sunday night and answered some of the biggest questions like; How did Jack die?

The 14th episode of the second season explained how everything went and showed every heartbreaking detail. Mandy Moore gave an outstanding performance as the grieving widow, and Jack emerged as the hero his children remembered him as. Although it took nearly two seasons, fans finally got the answer they wanted, delivered in a perfect TV episode.

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