The 2022 Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books presents Journeying: Where Shamanism and Psychology Meet

Can science and religion coexist in the struggle for healing?

From the fertile soil of psychology and the historical matrix of shamanism comes this bold and groundbreaking blueprint for healing.”

— Jeanette-Marie Gagan

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 7, 2022 / — Licensed psychologist Jeannette M. Gagan has authored a book that will be of interest to anyone interested in healing – from seekers to practitioners. Journeying: Where Shamanism and Psychology Meet takes a special look at the implicit and overt relationship between shamanism and psychology. The content of the book derives from Dr. Jeannette’s experience as a practicing psychologist and individual engagement with shamanism. Using case studies and personal healing experiences, she not only outlines the bridge between these two worlds, but adds theoretical substance to her hypothesis that travel helps to heal developmental and emotional wounds. The first reactions to the publication of the book are positive, enthusiastic and widespread.

Jeannette’s Journeying not only shows the similarities between shamanism and psychology. The book also illustrates the power of their combined healing powers. The true heart of this groundbreaking book lies in the application of shamanic technique to the healing and development of wounds. It is grounded in theory and supported by case studies that make the book relevant and actionable, proving that it was written not just to entertain and write a book, but to educate readers about the similarities between shamanism and psychology.

In Chapters 3 and 4 of the book, journeying goes to the point where shamanism and psychology intersect. Healing of emotional wounds, inadequate attachment, neglect, abuse, aggression, anger, and violence are some of the conditions we learn about and that have come to fruition through healing. In the final pages, Journeying provides a bridge that brings shamanism and psychology together, reflecting the connection between the magic of shamanic healing and the science of psychology. Jeannette’s journey is full of insights, love, learning and practical experiences that the author shares with us.

Jeannette Gagan is a licensed psychologist and Ph.D. Owner and has been a psychotherapist in New Mexico for eighteen years. Her extensive training in imagination and hypnosis according to Erickson forms the background for her immersion in the shamanic experience and the implementation of shamanic principles in her private practice.

She was a registered nurse before her psychology training and brought a well-founded insight into the connection between body and mind. Jeannette is also an experienced educator and dynamic workshop coordinator living and practicing shamanism in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Journeys: Where Shamanism and Psychology Meet
Written by Jeannette Gagan
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