Stanford women’s soccer team honors former captain Katie Meyer and raises awareness of mental health

STANFORD, Calif. (KGO) — Friday was a heartfelt and important evening for the Stanford football community, which still mourns the loss of women’s team goaltender Katie Meyer, who died by suicide in February.

A sell-out crowd flocked to Cagan Field for mental health awareness night as the Stanford Women’s Soccer Team took on UCLA.

“It was definitely difficult. We miss them every day but we play this season and we always play for them,” Andrea Kitahata, a sophomore with the team.

Kitahata, who donned a jersey with Katie’s No. 19 – in her memory – butterfly stickers were distributed and put on everything from T-shirts to water bottles to signal mental health awareness.

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“We just want to raise awareness about mental health and make sure we get rid of the stigma and make sure everyone knows that as an athlete they are being supported mentally and physically,” Kitahata said.

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Everhart says Katie’s death is still being felt.

“I was really sad that someone could feel like that even if they had to be on Stanford’s football team — team captain and stuff,” Everhart said.

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And for parents of youngsters like Wendy Verret, it’s a meaningful night.

“I think it’s really special that they can participate in this understanding of what it’s like to be able to reach out and say, ‘Hey, I need help,’ and be educated about mental health awareness,” he said rep.

“These girls are all like our sisters and we were all very close to Katie – and that’s mental health awareness – nowhere else would we be,” said men’s team player Carlo Agostinelli, noting that this season is dedicated to Katie.

“We think of her every day and we just want to make her proud and make sure she’s watching from above,” Agostinelli said.

“Katie was amazing,” said Kitahata. “I miss her so much and we always play for her and she is always in my heart.”

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