St. Louis City Council Approves Ward Redistribution Plan | politics

The plan would create seven white majority counties and seven black majority counties based on the total population.

In her opinion, Hamilton said the 9.84% population variance in the committee’s plan from smallest to largest parish is within the 10% threshold set by the US Supreme Court.

The ideal population per parish is 21,541, or a 14th of the total city population of 301,578.

“Any challenge based on the failure of population equality in the proposed counties is unlikely to be successful because of the precedent control,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton also said the city has been able to produce strong evidence “that voters in a number of districts form effective voting blocks roughly proportional to the proportions of minority voters in the voting age population,” and “provides equal opportunities for minority voters” .

According to the proposed map, black residents make up more than 60% of the voting-age population in four new boroughs on the north side and therefore could be “effective minority precincts”. They were temporarily referred to as Stations A, B, C, and D.

Existing data, she added, showed that voting age blacks account for 52% in one new district in the central corridor, District E, and a majority of 46% and 47% in two new southern districts, District H and L, respectively.

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