Slöwe Studio is the new wellness area on the north coast with infrared saunas and ice baths

If you’re looking for a little immune system boost with this community wave from Omicron, or just want to take an hour out of your day to de-stress, Slöwe Studio is the new North Shore therapy room built with the goal of To help you find some chills (and then sweat, then cool again – and repeat).

With the slogan “a place to slow down,” this new spa-like spot on Northcroft Street has combined the physical benefits of ice baths and infrared saunas to offer hot and cold immersion therapy, offering perks like detoxification, weight loss, muscle and joint regeneration, and immune boosting.

In a typical 75-minute “Sweat + Chill” session, you’ll arrive at the soothing reception area, where you’ll enjoy filtered water or herbal tea and be guided through an in-depth introduction to the room and your treatment. Then, head to a treatment room to shower off skincare or deodorant before heading to the sauna to unwind. It’s up to you how you spend that time – you might want to meditate, stretch, or just listen to your own tunes with the built-in tablet. Then it’s time to prepare yourself mentally: after showering, head to the adjacent ice bath, which is set to a cool 5-11 degrees Celsius. The experts recommend taking some deep breaths as you climb in, and you can use the stopwatch to time yourself — don’t worry if you’re a beginner and can’t take too long with it. Then rinse and repeat the process throughout your session – just make sure to finish in the sauna to warm up.

While it may sound a bit modern, Slöwe’s offering is actually not a new concept. Contrast bath therapy, or immersion therapy, is the treatment in which the body is exposed to a temperature contrast to induce vasodilation (which occurs when it is hot) and vasoconstriction (which occurs when it is cold) and has been used by elite athletes and health seekers for years. But now Auckland’s average Joe can enjoy the experience in a slightly more luxurious space — think Aotea skincare in the showers and plush linens in the reception area.

If dipping in ice-cold water isn’t your idea of ​​a good time, frankly, fair enough. You can also sign up for a simple sweat session and laze in one of Slöwe’s infrared saunas for 60 minutes. This might be just the place you want to start regretting the sins of a big weekend: infrared saunas usually offer the opportunity to sweat longer, and therefore a deeper detox, compared to regular steam sauna therapy. Slöwe claims that an infrared session can help your body eliminate up to 20 percent of toxins, compared to just 3 percent in a typical steam sauna.

If you’re really passionate about the experience, there are monthly membership options too, so you can sign up weekly – and bring a friend for free.

It’s another option to add to Auckland’s ever-growing wellness sector, following in the footsteps of the popular Hana therapy room, which opened in 2020 in Gray Lynn’s Westmoreland precinct. But if you live on the North Shore, we recommend checking out Slöwe — no period, spoiling all that good zen-ning by sitting in traffic on the Harbor Bridge after work.

Slöwe Studio is now open and is located at 8 Northcroft Street, Takapuna, Auckland. For more information about immersion therapy or to book, visit their website.

Posted on March 22, 2022 by

Sarah Templeton

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