Shepherd Set List: March 23, 2022

The Shepherd Setlist is a collaboration between the Shepherd Express and Milwaukee music website Breaking And Entering.

Bisca Rae – “8:17 p.m.”

Alternative R&B artist Bisca Rae’s latest single was released on Friday and it’s all about reclaiming your narrative. In an industry where you’re constantly being told what to do and how to be, Rae is determined to uphold her truth and be accountable to no one but herself. With a catchy hook and swirling evening flare, Bisca Rae says what she wants to say and more importantly, how she wants to say it with “8:17 PM”. (Ben Slowey)

Ernie Z – “Problems”

With a limited discography to date, R&B act Ernie Z has been able to turn heads. Last week he added “Issues” to this catalogue. The single is toned down and talks about embracing a fleeting love. There’s drama, hence the song’s name, but it’s more internal than external as far as the lyrics go. The laid-back production leaves a void in which Ernie Z can space his vocals to resonate just a tad lower. “Issues” is the kind of track that says a lot with little, and it’s another strong showing from a rising name. (Allen Halas)

BU – “Valentine’s Day”

Come easy, don’t go easy. This is the vibe of 2021 Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee winner BU’s new single and video for “Valentine.” The song feels like a therapy session with BU tapping on an ex with a lot of emotion. Detail is not spared, and his crystal clear vocal delivery makes it easy to understand pretty much everything that’s going on in the unfortunate scenario. He raps like a madman, hell-bent on getting that person out of his life, but also with a subtle hint of desperation that pushes him over the edge. CTM Films’ video borrows from the record’s name, with BU rapping in front of a wall of roses as things get a little more excited as time goes on. (Allen Halas)

DUCK – “The Quack”

Matt Glassel’s latest venture is solo garage punk project DUCK, and he’s released his first release. These two tracks are about unnecessary world hunger and fear in social situations in bars. DUCK rips through anger and frustration with unrelenting riffing and powerful choruses on “QUACK QUACK”. Everything for everyone! (Ben Slowey)

Complex machine – “Long Way to Go”

Complex Machine have released a new video from their latest EP, Moon After Moon. “Long Way To Go” stands out on the release, with a steady rhythm that only picks up steam as time goes by. The video for the track combines performance footage with a wealth of fooling around, from shopping cart antics to fireworks. If you haven’t seen Moon After Moon yet, be sure to do so with this video as a base. (Allen Halas)

concert announcements

April 6th – Sunless, Abhorrent Expanse, Zipper, Deorbit, Devin Drobka at the X-Ray Arcade

April 14 – Classic, Diet Lite, Funk Summit Bass Team, West Nile Crows, Dora Diamond at the Cactus Club

April 15 – Country Western, Craig Brown Band, Chinese Telephones, Soup Moat, Pussy Collector, Demian Glas at the Cactus Club

April 18 – Loud Library, Lipsticism, Man Alive, Angry Fix at the Cactus Club

April 23 – Babyface Ray at The Rave

April 28th – Insane Clown Squad at The Rave

May 8th – Phobophilic, Mutilatred, Mindharvester, World I Hate at the X-Ray Arcade

May 13 – Rod Tuff Curls and the Bench Press at the Turner Hall Ballroom

May 20th – Colleen Green, chitchat, summer birth at the cactus club

May 21st – Lost Tribes of the Moon, Population Control, Astral Hand at the Cactus Club

May 27 – Elephant Stone, Zoom at the Cactus Club

June 4th – Vansire at The Back Room at the Colectivo

June 4th – Eptic at the Miramar Theater

June 9th – Post the animal in The Back Room in the Colectivo

June 10 – Ghastly, Jordan Capozzi, Hekler at the Miramar Theater

July 1 – Machine Gun Kelly, Avril Lavigne, Iann Diorr at American Family Insurance Amphitheater (Summerfest)

July 8th – Los Dos Carnales, Voz De Mando, Los Austeros de Durango, La Explosiva Banda de Maza at The Rave

July 23 – Buddy Guy, John Hiatt, The Goners with Sonny Landreth at the Riverside Theater

August 5 – Water Parks, Neck Deep, Mayday Parade, State Champs, Hot Mulligan, Against The Current, The Summer Set, Lolo at The Rave

October 5 – Nick Mason at the Riverside Theatre

October 9th – Michael Schneker at the Pabst Theater

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