Shawnee State University’s Campus Counseling Services Releases 24/7 Support System | Community

PORTSMOUTH – Shawnee State University’s Campus Counseling Services recently released a support system for current students that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

The BearyWell program was launched at the beginning of the autumn semester 2021 and offers SSU students advice over the phone around the clock. Students can access a licensed advisor through the system at any time of the day.

Linda Koenig, SSU Director of Counseling, Health and Accessibility, leads the BearyWell program. In her role, she works to ensure that all students at the SSU have access to mental health resources.

“I like to tell students that they are getting a health package at Shawnee State,” Koenig said. “Part of this bundle is the emotional support or the link to the service that is needed when our team is unable to provide the required type of on-site support.”

BearyWell offers SSU students additional support outside of the university’s CCS advisors. To access the 24/7 line, students can call 740-351-3608 and will be connected to a licensed advisor. Koenig encourages current students who feel overwhelmed in their class, in their relationships, or in their daily environment to take advantage of the free service.

In addition to its telephone service, BearyWell offers access to a wellness hub that contains articles and videos on mental health and wellness. Topics include resources on mental and emotional health, fitness and nutrition, academic performance, stress management, and healthy relationships. Students can access these resources by contacting “Shawnee State University” at. choose or by downloading CampusWell from your preferred app store.

CCS offers free one-on-one counseling, crisis services, drug management, psycho-educational groups, and case management on campus. SSU Consultants are licensed in Ohio and Kentucky and can telemedicine to students in either state if desired. The office also provides peer support through the peer drop-in center in the administration building on campus.

Shawnee State University’s Campus Counseling Services is located at Hatcher Hall at 1001 4th St. in Portsmouth and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. To learn more about on-campus on-campus counseling, visit

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