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A professor of management at Rivers State University, Nkpolu-Oroworukwo, Isaac Zeb-Obipi, has urged Nigerian leaders to create structures and sustainable institutions that would improve people’s living standards and have a positive impact on their well-being.
Zeb-Obipi made this call while delivering his presentation at the university’s 79th inaugural lecture series, entitled “People Management Tripod And Worker Productivity: The Solute; solvent and solution’; last Wednesday in the University Auditorium in Port Harcourt.
The learned professor of management science said that the establishment of such structures would make a great contribution to solving problems of the organized society, thereby leading to growth and national development.
“In trying to solve organizational problems in our society, leaders in positions of power must design systems that would improve the lives of many people in society. We should explore disciplines that deal with leading people, if you do that you will probably solve societal problems.”
He called for the creation of a new department in the Faculty of Management dedicated to the management of people, studies dealing with management such as Industrial Relations (IR), Human Resource Management (HRM), Organizational Behavior (OB), Er points out that these are disciplines that deal with how to get the best out of the people in an organization.
The professor added that if the department were created, it would be called “Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations,” noting that this department is currently part of a larger department, making it difficult to focus on research and application in this area .
He emphasized that Nigerian leaders must adopt the culture of respect, love and care towards their subordinates for higher productivity if they want to be successful in their business and live a happy life.
“Labor productivity is often lower than satisfactory due to unbalanced skill-job match, negative work attitude and toxic work environment, but a solvable problem if man learns to show love to his/her subordinates at their workplace (the solved),” and noted that there were external and internal factors hampering the business environment.
He asserted that a successful leader is one who respects, values, cares for, and empowers his subordinates and empowers them to succeed, noting that such a leader would have the ability to exert influence over subordinates and in all that he takes in hand would be successful.
“The solution lies in leading people better with the help of the three-legged human resource management disciplines OB, HRM; and IR (the solvents)”, emphasizing that “if they apply an appropriate OB technique, behavior modification or HRM technique or IR technique which are labor productivity, they would have a solvent in their hands to dissolve the solute , then the result is solution.”
Zeb-Obipi further stressed that leaders should play their required role to oversee the work of others, to be the human resource managers to develop the society and thereby bring better living standards to the people of Nigeria, noting that they too understand must accept workers as human beings.

By: Susan Serekara-Nwikhana

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