RJD Event Suicide Awareness Focus

The Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility (RJD) hosted its first suicide prevention and education event on September 12.

The event provided information and resources for CDCR employees.

RJD Mental Health invited all employees to attend an informative and informal presentation with Rebels Farm and the Crime Victims Coalition. The California Chaplains Corp were also in attendance, as were resources from Peer Support and the Employee Assistance Program.

Employees from all disciplines of healthcare and the ranking of nursing staff were involved. While taking photos with therapy horses, participants also enjoyed food, drinks, treats and camaraderie.

RJD aims to take a proactive approach and make all employees aware of the issue of suicide.

“We recognize the importance of mental health and work to reduce/remove stigma when it comes to talking about our own mental health needs. The stronger our staff, the better we can serve RJD,” prison officials said in a statement.

Written by Sonia A. Bahro, PhD, Head of Mental Health
and S. Amador, Associate Warden (A), Level III SNY (A and D)

Submitted by Lt. A Garvey

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