Residents of the Colinton Nursing Home enjoy visiting a trio of alpacas


Nursing home resident Sheila meets one of the alpacas

Submitted by Nicole Dybell

Elderly residents of a nursing home all beamed with smiles as they were visited by a trio of fluffy alpacas for an afternoon of animal fun.

The adorable animals named Golden Belle, Butterscotch, and Roxy Music received a lot of fuss and attention when they were given a tour of the Cairdean House on Redford Road in Colinton, Edinburgh.

As part of the animal therapy, the residents learned about the history and properties of the alpacas, as well as other interesting facts about the calming animals.

Animal-assisted therapy has long been shown to be beneficial for the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the elderly. Not only does it reduce stress and depression, but it also combats loneliness.

Gillian Goodall, Home Manager at Cairdean House, said, “We had a wonderful afternoon meeting Golden Belle, Butterscotch and Roxy Music.

“Here at Cairdean House we are always looking for new and exciting activities for the residents. Alpacas are known as gentle animals, which makes them perfect for nursing home visits.

“It was so nice to welcome the three alpacas to the home and we look forward to seeing them again soon.”

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