Recognized: Local students inducted into the OSU roll of honor | news

Oregon State University (OSU) has announced the names of the students who made it into the Spring 2022 Scholastic Honor Roll.

A total of 7,150 students earned a B-plus (3.5) or better to be included in the list. To be included in the roll of honor, students must have a minimum of 12 graded hours of coursework.

Students on the roll of honor included:

Jacob J. Boyle, sophomore, business analytics; Amanda M. Click, Senior, Management; Sophia M. Estep, Senior, Biology; Gaven C. Kust, sophomore, biology; Cameron J. Lein, Senior, Elect and Computer Engineering.

Abigail E. Marx, Sr., Ecological Engineering; Jasmine R. Weaver, Junior, Biology.

Emelia M. Reardon, Sr., Environmental Technology; Michael C. Rhodes, sophomore, mathematics; Caden J. Verzino, Sr., Computer Science.

Alia M. Alshamsi, Sr., Microbiology; Griffin E. Barron, sophomore, General Engineering; Cora L. Beaudry, Sr., Construction Engineering Mgt; Ashton J. Bisner, sophomore, graphic design; Gage A. Ekstrom, Freshman, General Engineering.

William E. Harley, Sr., Chemical Engineering; Samantha E. Howarth, Freshman, Creative Writing; Vivian E. Irving, Freshman, Public Policy; Thomas P. Karter, second degree, English; Emily L. Padrow, sophomore, Human Development and Family Science.

Colin J. Peterson, Sr., Architectural Engineering; Brooklyn N. Ramsey, freshman, psychology; Mason J. Reardon, Freshman, Natural Resources; Robert A. Vincent, Junior, Computer Science; Robert C. Walsh, Senior, Kinesiology.

Lauren I. Whisenhunt, Junior, Human Development and Family Science; McKenzie J. Worthington, Senior, Political Science.

Devin P. Crosby, Freshman, Elect & Computer Engineering; Kelsea M. Kees, Sr., Human Development and Family Science; Lena G. Lentini, Sr., Graphic Design; Jacob B. Sorensen, sophomore, General Engineering; Triniti A. Wareham, Junior, Biology.

Brandyn M. Brownfield, Sr., Forestry; Martha L. Coe, Junior, Psychology; Dawson T. Evenson, sophomore, business administration; Foster A. Evenson, junior, forestry engineering; Levi D. Mcdonald, Sr., Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences.

Jonathan M. Moravec, Jr., Mechanical Engineering; Joshua J. Ray, Freshman, General Engineering; Samuel J. Shockley, Jr., BioHealth Sciences.

Ali Wilson-Yaakola, Sr., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Hannah R. Kraus, sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences.

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