Paloma on the City: Art, Shopping Therapy, and Some Glitz

Priyanka at the launch of Artt n Attire

It’s always a great feeling to try something new, especially here in Chennai, and this week I had the privilege of attending an Art Affirmation session. A bit difficult to explain in a few lines, but I’ll try. Led by Ketki Chandavarkar of Phoenix Method Coaching, it was a guided meditative experience with manifestation as the theme, during which we all created our own unique pieces. While some of us might have been nervous at first, we slowly got into the zone and let our visions flow onto the screen. Our artworks will now be our affirmation and driving force. And the best part is that it doesn’t matter if you’re “artistic” or not.

Ketki & Paloma

Ramya Pandian at Kirtilals for the launch of her Paridhi Collection

On the shopping front, the second edition of Naturally Chennai saw quite a crowd at the Savera Hotel. Specially curated, handpicked products from cosmetics and groceries to clothing and accessories, seeking to bridge the farm-to-table gap and supporting local artisans. And besides the shopping, there was also a mini fashion show of hand-printed ones Kalamkari sarees and a pottery and ceramics workshop. Some of these faces were also seen at the opening of Artt n Attire, the latest multi-designer boutique on Khadar Nawaz Khan Road. A thoughtful selection of saris and clothing for all occasions that would appeal to a wide spectrum of fashionistas. In fact, some of us didn’t go on opening day due to the onslaught of cars! The final stop on the retail trail was at Kirtilals for the launch of theirs Paridhi Collection at her shop in Alwarpet, with actress Ramya Pandian paying her homage. While Kirtilals’ Suraj Shantakumar shed light on the story behind the collection and some technical aspects (diamond bangles, which are flexible by the way), the ladies couldn’t wait to take a closer look.

Aruna Sairam at the Oxygen event

This week also marked the band Oxygen’s 20th anniversary and the mega celebrations took place at Aura Studios. your concert film, The Metagen, was screened in the presence of celebrities from the film and music industry. Padmashri Aruna Sairam was full of praise for the new immersive concept and initiative to celebrate live music with 30 musicians performing simultaneously in the film.

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