OUTFRONT debuts a three-dimensional spatial DOOH campaign in Times Square for Mental Health Awareness Month

Using cutting-edge content design methods to draw attention, OUTFRONT XLabs and Madhappy launch a three-dimensional forced-perspective campaign that features inspirational messages like “Peace of Mind,” “Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love,” and “Let Go To Grow” presented. in bright, eye-catching colors and symbols including a peace sign, heart and flowers. The display’s size, scope, and location prime it for significant social sharing and reinforcement.

OUTFRONT X-Scape is OUTFRONT’s prolific spatial capability that enables brands to create distinctive and unique content by bringing products, features and characters to life in a way that leaves a lasting impression on consumers. The production pipeline helps brands achieve a sense of 3D depth, dimension and volume in DOOH campaigns that capture consumer attention. OUTFRONT XLabs, the creative innovation group of OUTFRONT, developed and implemented the spatial campaign together with the Madhappy team.

“The core focus of OUTFRONT XLabs is the development and production of innovative capabilities for our advertising partners and the OOH industry,” he said Chad Shackelford, Vice President, Head of Digital Creative at OUTFRONT. “Our partnership with Madhappy is the first DOOH campaign to leverage the spatial capability of OUTFRONT X-Scape, available on a select set of OUTFRONT large-scale assets in NYC and LA. Access to the consultative expertise and advanced capabilities of OUTFRONT XLabs is an added benefit when you advertise with OUTFRONT.”

“We have been fortunate to have developed a powerful relationship with the entire OUTFRONT team since Madhappy’s early days,” said Peiman Raf, Madhappy Co-Founder and CEO. “They have been fantastic partners in helping us bring the brand’s mission and vision to life through impactful outdoor advertising that resonates with a global audience. We’re excited to reinforce our positive messages for Mental Health Awareness Month this year in collaboration with OUTFRONT XLabs and look forward to further partnerships in the future.”

In partnership with their New York based OOH, Madhappy uses billboards throughout Los Angeles with the same uplifting messages displayed in Times Square. The OOH designs complement the Mental Health Awareness Month apparel capsule that the brand is launching Friday May 13th. Through their recently established Madhappy Foundation, 1% of all Madhappy revenue goes towards promoting mental health through a portfolio of accredited organizations.

OUTFRONT X-Scape spatial locations currently consist of unique large format full motion screens in the heart of Times Square and LA. Additional major campaigns will premiere spatially later this month.

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