Oberlin raises awareness of mental health step by step

OBERLIN, LA (KPLC) — Step by Step, the city of Oberlin held a walk of color Saturday morning to raise awareness about mental health.

“We go through everyday life as if it were easy and it really isn’t. Many people go through something that takes a toll on them emotionally. So it’s nice to come here and take a break,” said event organizer Irene Ledet.

Ledet works as a clerk for the city of Oberlin. She organized the city’s color walk, which residents could take part in. The Mental Wellness Color Walk was an attempt to shed light on an issue that some say is often a stigmatized topic, whether it’s mental illness or just caring for your overall mental health.

“We go to the doctor for our routine check-ups, we should also go to the doctor for our routine check-ups mentally,” Ledet said.

At the event, participants walked about a mile across town and were sprayed with all sorts of colors at the finish line.

“Events like this create conversation,” said volunteer Lorianna Mcmahon.

Mcmahon said she suffers from anxiety herself and said mental health is a conversation for the whole community.

“Mental illness isn’t talked about much,” Mcmahom said. “As we all know it needs to be addressed more, you know the stigma behind it needs to go away. So this walk brings awareness to that. It just encompasses more than those who are suffering, but the people around them who love them – to show that they have a whole community behind them.”

City officials said they hope to hold more community events like this in the future.

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