News: Norwich Clash dedicates to World Mental Health Day

Watford FC is proud to remind its fans of this hornets at home Program – well appreciated and, more importantly, heavily used during the initial Covid-19 lockdown – is here to stay. As part of the program, we hope to provide additional support on an ad hoc basis to supporters with mental health issues.

For those supporters who are feeling lonely or just want to pick up the phone and chat, the Supporter Services team would love to hear from you. If you know a friend or family member who would appreciate a face-to-face meeting, or feel like you really need one right now, then we’re here to help.

To request assistance for any reason, big or small, please contact our Supporter Services Team:

[email protected]
01923 223023

Our Community, Sports and Education Trust also runs programs designed to provide more specific support:

Authorize is a 24-week project that aims to improve the mental health of 9-12 year olds through physical activity. To find out more contact [email protected]

man on! offers physical activity sessions aimed at men 18+ who need support for their mental well-being through physical activity and conversation cafes. To find out more contact [email protected]

positive minds is a school-based mental health program that supports the well-being of sixth grade students prior to the transition to secondary school and also provides parent support. To find out more contact [email protected]

Design together is a weight management program designed for people living with a mental health diagnosis. To find out more contact [email protected]

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