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New Years 2022: Before we greet a brand new year, many of us enjoy working on a list of New Years resolutions that aim to give a specific purpose to the year ahead. The list sometimes becomes too long and unprofitable, and the goals it lists tend to become unrealistic. Experts say that it is best to keep them simple and realistic in order to make your New Year’s resolutions come true.

While the process of goal setting can bring us to a temporary climax, when we can’t achieve them we can feel like a failure. This could increase anxiety and stress in people.

While the most popular resolutions are generally about physical health, mental health should be a priority this year, experts say.

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2021 was a tough year for almost all of us, considering that the pandemic has affected our lives in so many ways. Experts suggest that this New Year should focus on self-healing and mindfulness to recharge us for the months to come.

In this new year, experts suggest that the focus should be on self-healing and mindfulness to keep us charged for the months to come (Pixabay)

“While some resolutions may seem motivating at first, they can later put a person under severe pressure, causing feelings of anxiety and decreased self-esteem. For many of us, staying motivated long can be difficult, even when one has a simpler, more realistic goal, “says Maitri Dhingra, consulting psychologist at Kaleidoscope – a division of Dr. Bakshi’s Healthcare.

A short-term goal works best for people and it doesn’t have to be completely new, says Dr. Sonal Anand, Psychiatrist, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road.

“That could be something that we couldn’t achieve last year, but it could be something realistic,” says the expert.

Dr. Anand says that this year, priority should be given to healing yourself and developing resilience for better mental health.

“Mindfulness is something we should focus on this year. Another solution might be self-forgiveness as many things are out of our hands in times of pandemic and we cannot be responsible for everything, so it should be letting go and yourself forgive yourself. ” this year the motto, “says Dr. Anand.

The expert also suggests focusing on a more active lifestyle instead of a sedentary lifestyle for the coming year. “Children in particular need to take care of their health and concentrate on indoor games, sports, etc.,” says the psychiatrist.

“Self-healing as a solution can be beneficial in several ways. You should also work on developing the confidence to become a better person because if you are a better person things will definitely get better around you, ”says Dr Anand.

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