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Tammy and Dr. Jeffrey Harris had been married 11 years when Tammy was diagnosed with lupus. Doctors started treatment, but her health did not improve. Harris was confined to a wheelchair, her weight dropped to only 70 pounds, and her hair and fingernails were falling out.

In search of a holistic doctor, the couple were traveling from Moscow, Idaho, to New York when Tammy suddenly collapsed in the lobby of the Lotte New York Palace Hotel. She died six days later. An autopsy revealed that Tammy Harris died of an overdose of the dietary supplement selenium.

Selenium, a trace element, is considered safe in small doses, but the town coroner found eight times the average amount of selenium in Harris’ system. An investigation found that Dr. Harris didn’t believe that his wife had lupus.

He insisted that she suffered from mercury poisoning from working in a dental office a few years ago. Dr. Harris claimed that his wife was taking what her doctors had prescribed, but instead took selenium, which her husband had prescribed.

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