Mom draws attention to bullying after son takes his own life

“My son called for help and got nothing,” Sheila Mueller said. “I’m amazed at how this was handled.”

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — A mother is taking a stand for kindness and accountability after her 13-year-old son took his own life over the weekend. Sheila Mueller said her son Klos was often bullied at school.

“It crushed him, it was constant,” said the mother. “He didn’t want to go to school anymore.”

She said she raised a fun and warm young man.

He was the best big brother and a big help for me,” said Müller.

She said bullies’ words often hit where they hurt most, at the death of Klos’ father years ago.

She believes the bullying started years ago, but noted that her eighth-grade son has become more withdrawn in recent years.

“My son called for help and got nothing,” Mueller said. “I’m amazed at how this was handled.”

Klos attended LaSalle Springs Middle School in the Rockwood School District. His mother said the school hadn’t done enough to protect her son. She hopes more is done to protect other students who are currently being bullied.

The district released this statement about the loss of Mueller:

“The Rockwood School District is heartbroken by the loss of one of our students, Klos Mueller, who was an 8th grader at LaSalle Springs Middle. Our sincere thoughts and condolences go out to his family, educators and friends who knew and loved Klos.”

Rockwood schools have several programs that provide support for students and families with bullying and mental health issues. They’ve partnered with a group called Hazel Health, which offers students access to counselors. They have also hosted seminars for students and have a peer-to-peer mentoring program.

Mueller said fixing the problem of bullying, a problem that plagues schools across the country, starts at home.

“If your kids are bullying other kids, we need to talk about what that looks like,” the mother said.

Mueller has another son who is 5 years old. She teaches him the same core values ​​that have made Klos strong for so many years.

“I tried to teach him to be resilient and that sometimes people don’t know that words hurt and what they say can be overwhelming,” Mueller said.

She and other parents are planning an event next week to raise awareness of bullying in the Rockwood County.

The Rockwood School District added additional counselors at LaSalle Middle School this week.

They are there to help students and staff cope with the loss of a loved one, classmate, and student.

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