Milwaukee Advisor and Affiliate Host Panel Discussions on Adolescent Mental Health

MILWAUKEE – A psychiatrist and her teenage daughter try to improve the mental health of children in Milwaukee.

Marrika Rodgers is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Milwaukee. She and her daughter, Ny’emia Rodgers-Evans, joined other attorneys to discuss mental health and trauma Saturday at the City of Light Church on Milwaukee’s north side.

“We can kind of all come and say, you know what, we’re all on something, and let’s help each other,” Rodgers said.

Last fall, the American Academy of Pediatrics and other prominent health organizations declared a national emergency in the mental health of children and adolescents.

“I know my clients in my profession have just shared their anxiety and depression is at an all-time high,” Rodgers said.

ONE 2020 study by the Jed Foundation shows that nearly two-thirds of parents reported that their child had recently experienced a mental or emotional challenge.

Amid a global pandemic and rising violence, Rodgers said we needed to pay more attention to our youth.

“Some of them don’t feel heard,” Rodgers said. “Some of them just kind of act up because they want that voice, because they feel like trauma stole their voice… Today was about unmuzzled and letting them know their voices are being heard and.” they are important to us.”

Other parents at the event took note.

“Having four children has only just taught me that I have to be more responsive to my children and just listen to their feelings,” said Ninoshka Desarden.

“If a kid doesn’t want to talk or a teenager doesn’t want to talk, don’t just let them walk away,” Ny’emia Rodgers-Evans said. “Pull her back in. Just keep trying, don’t give up on our youth.”

Rodgers hosts an event like this every month. You can find out more from her website.

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