Married At First Sight’s April Banbury says the show ruined her life

Married at first sight‘s April Banbury has reached out to the dating show, claiming her stint on the reality program left her in need of therapy and nearly ruined her life.

Banbury filmed this series of Married on First Sight UK Earlier this year, with episodes airing in recent months. Banbury has now spoken out against the dating show in a new interview with The Sun.

“The trauma I have from being in it Married at first sight ruin my life. I was given six therapy sessions and basically told to try to move on,” Banbury said. “The people say island of love is brutal, however Married at first sight is 100 percent worse. No one should apply to participate until more rigorous background checks are in place.”

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Banbury was paired with George Roberts, who was later arrested for alleged controlling and coercive behavior. Three of Robert’s ex-partners have reportedly opened up about it Married at first sight chiefs that they had previously complained to the police about his behavior. Roberts denies any wrongdoing.

Banbury said she and Roberts split on August 15 this year after returning from a holiday in Spain. She said show bosses showed her the news about Roberts. She claims they then told her to support him.

“When the show told me about it The sun story, they told me I had to be there to support George. I felt like they silenced me when I tried to speak. I feel totally let down,” she said.

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“I have a great social worker, but it seemed like the production team didn’t give a damn. It’s like ‘Sorry, your life’s been ruined, here’s a therapist, get over it, sweep it under the rug and move on’. I am angry. “

Banbury continued: “You brought this man into my life. I didn’t choose to have this man – they chose him for me.”

Fans of the show have now started lobbying for the show’s dating experts to be fired after Roberts appeared on the show. Banbury said that after her experience she’s now “trying to be positive” but said she’s not “smiling inside”.

“I’m just trying to get through every day. If I slip into this dark hole, I don’t think I’ll ever get out,” she said.

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A Channel 4 spokesman told The Sun it was “categorically wrong to suggest that April was asked to speak out against her will, nor would we seek to silence her”.

The spokesperson continued: “All cast members have access to appropriate support, including access to an independent psychologist, before, during and after filming and broadcast.

“This support is proactively provided at every stage and on an ongoing basis upon request. April was offered and continues to have access to this support. All cast members undergo thorough background and psychological checks, including the most rigorous police checks a production can undertake.”

Married on First Sight UK will be broadcast on E4 in the UK. Married on First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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organizations incl women help can provide further support and information on coercive controls or coercive behavior.

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