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Photo by Michele Newbanks Douglas Pfeifer LPCC-S, CEO of Life & Purpose Behavioral Health, shows the new online platform Resilient Purpose Plus, which provides videos to support people’s mental health.

A local organization wants to contribute to mental health support with a series of videos on a new platform.

Douglas Pfeifer LPCC-S, CEO of Life & Purpose Behavioral Health, said they started scripting the videos this summer and filming started in October. The website https://resilientpurposeplus.uscreen.io had a soft opening this month.

They’re planning a bigger surge after the first of the year.

Resilient Purpose Plus is a subscription platform where people can get mental health assistance through short videos on a variety of topics.

“Often times in our mental health world we see people attending therapy or using services, but that’s about an hour a week. A day has 23 more hours and six more days a week. “ said Pfeifer. “I think one of the more difficult things to do is to use what you learn in therapy when it is needed.”

He said they wanted to create a video-on-demand platform that could support people outside of the therapy session. It is also intended for people who do not want to partake in therapy but who recognize the benefits of focusing on their mental health and wellbeing.

Pfeifer said the platform is a website with a catalog of videos broken down into different sections. There’s a section on Psychoeducation – Stress Response and How to Deal with Understanding How Your Brain Works and How It Affects Your Mental Health, he said.

“Learning about various things to help a person improve their mental health.” he explained.

He said there are three categories of videos that focus on wellbeing: regulation, which helps a person be more balanced and think better; Connection that helps a person build a good therapeutic support network; and argue and reflect on what helps a person understand the reasons for the stress, such as: B. Negativity Distortions.

“What we do know is that your mental health will not improve on its own.” said Pfeifer. “You have to act and work on it.”

He said he made 99 percent of the videos, but in the future they intend to include more people and more targeted areas like mental health in the workplace or mental health of children.

“We see it as a platform that can grow and build and meet many different categories of needs.” he said.

He added that it’s not just for patients at L&P, but anyone who needs a little assistance.

Videos can also contain PDF documents, which are worksheets that aid in the lesson of the video.

“It takes concepts from the videos and concretises them in their real life.” said Pfeifer.

He noted that the videos were intentionally made brief.

“We learned that short videos are more effective, so the longest video is about 5 minutes. Most are about 3 minutes away. “ he said.

The regulation videos help with breathing or relaxation and have an explanation before the exercise. Pfeifer said they plan to post some of these videos without explanation. When a person is outside and stressed, they can watch the video and get visual cues “Without having to go through the whole explanation of why we’re doing it.”

He said the platform was also helpful because “Mental health is incredibly stigmatized.”

“People are still concerned about getting in touch and getting help” he said.

There are many barriers to getting assistance including transportation and cost, but they wanted to improve accessibility to getting assistance.

“This platform is not… they don’t get therapy, but we give them the framework to be resilient. To be able to endure the stress of everyday life. The curve balls that life throws at you. Then we turn to when you need more. We recommend that you get in touch and get support. “ said Pfeifer.

For people already in therapy, the site provides the framework to use the skills between sessions.

“You won’t always have access to a therapist when you need him.” he added.

He noted that their biggest goal is to get people to be more proactive. Too often people wait until it gets bad before taking care of themselves.

“And you don’t need to have diagnostics for the platform to work for you.” said Kaylee Weihl, executive assistant.

The cost of membership is $ 11.77 per month or $ 99 per year. It allows unlimited views of videos as long as the subscription is active. Videos are constantly being added to help build the catalog, says Pfeifer.

Michele Newbanks can be reached at [email protected]

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