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HELPING IN DIFFERENT WAYS — Lynette Carte, owner of Mindset2Wellness — a new counseling service operated out of the Bluewave Center in Follansbee — was welcomed to the town by the Follansbee Chamber of Commerce and other supporters. – Warren Scott

FOLLANSBEE – Many people when faced with a new problem or source of stress don’t realize they have the power within them to tackle it head on, according to Lynette Carte, owner of Mindset2Wellness, a new counseling service operating out of Bluewave Center.

“Mindset2Wellness is a strengths-based therapeutic approach. This approach identifies the strengths and resilience clients already possess and helps them use those same skills to deal with difficult situations in their lives.” said Carte, a licensed professional consultant.

She said people respond differently to different approaches to counseling, so she and her staff develop bespoke plans to help each client “To develop tools for working with anxiety, depression, or bullying, whatever the problem.”

One of several businesses to open in the former Follansbee Middle School, Mindset2Wellness offers individual or group counseling targeting multiple areas.

This includes coping with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, self-esteem issues and trauma, as well as many work-related issues such as career development and satisfaction, workplace dynamics, job changes and work-life balance.

The Bluewave Center is home to other businesses aimed at helping people become physically fit. It is therefore fitting that Mindset2Wellness offers athletes and others guidance on building confidence and motivation, regulating emotions and overcoming performance anxiety.

Former classrooms in the building were converted into cozy rooms with comfortable furniture for the counseling centre.

Carte said many who receive counseling find some relief in speaking out about things that worry them, but that’s only part of the coping process.

“Often people feel better but don’t know what to do next.” She added that the goal is to help people deal with stress and problems in the long term.

Carte found that people don’t have to feel overwhelmed or even suicidal to seek counseling.

“I think everyone has issues to work with,” She said the addition of Mindset2Wellness also includes various hands-on activities like art, journaling and yoga, and there are plans to add macrame and dance.

Members of the Follansbee Chamber of Commerce learned of such approaches after a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony to welcome the new company.

Carte said art has been particularly helpful in encouraging youth to express themselves.

She was assisted in this effort by Taylor Provenzano, an arts and dance therapist who has worked with a group of youth in grades 6 through 8.

Carte said there are plans to add more age groups while offering more private, one-on-one counseling.

She added that Mindset2Wellness will soon accept Medicaid and add counselors.

A graduate of Brooke High School and Carlow University in Pittsburgh, where she earned a master’s degree in counseling, Carte has been a counselor for 15 years, working with people of all ages in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

She said Mindset2Wellness offered consultations Monday through Friday during the day and evening and a few hours on Saturdays, and appointments can be made by calling (304) 224-6769.

Information can also be found on the Mindset2Wellness Facebook page.

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