Left panic that millions of babies could live

USA – Heartbroken wails were heard across the country today as the left learned there was a chance Roe v. calf could be overturned, which “would result in more babies being allowed to live”.

The outcry from the left came after a Supreme Court leak indicated the justices had drafted an opinion overturning them roeraising fears that millions more cute babies made in God’s image could be born instead of having their brains sucked out in a vacuum.

“Imagine all their cute little faces!” yelled pro-abortion advocate Julia McDoubles as she held a sign reading ‘Down with the Babies’ on the steps of the Supreme Court. “If Republicans had had their way in the past few decades, there would be about 60 million more of the precious little darlings! We can’t let that happen!”

“No More Babies! No More Babies!”

Ocasio-Cortez joined the protesters and cried outside the barricade surrounding the Supreme Court in a dress that read “KILL THE BABIES.”

At the time of publication, Republicans had told the country’s left to calm down as there is “almost no chance” they will actually deliver on their promise to do anything about abortion.

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