Kehlani responds to Starbucks confrontation with Christian Walker

Kehlani’s morning Starbucks came with a side of attitude.

The “Up at Night” singer went viral on Wednesday after Christian Walker, a conservative influencer whose father former NFL star-turned Senate nominee Herschel Walker, confronted Kehlani at a Starbucks drive-through.

“This loving, tolerant, inclusive woman told the baristas I was ‘the A-hole of TikTok.’ So yeah, I got out of the car,” Walker shared on Instagram, where he has 497,000 followers.

The video, captured from Walker’s perspective, showed a calm and smiling Kehlani in the driver’s seat of a car by the drive-thru window. He walked closer to the singer’s car and said, “Get your drink and go away.”

“I can have an opinion like everyone else, why do you have a right to an opinion and I don’t?” he continued.

Prior to the confrontation with Kehlani, Walker had complained about the lack of traditional American flags in the drive-through Starbucks, noting that five Pride flags were being displayed. When he got to the order window, he asked a barista why that was. Walker’s next Instagram Story clip showed him approaching the singer, who was reacting to being confronted with her own Instagram Story.

“I have to let the fools go, fool,” she wrote on Wednesday afternoon.

She also included a 2016 tweet from Walker on her Instagram story.

“I love Kehlani so much,” Walker’s tweet read. Kehlani added an emoji of a face blowing out air to the screenshot.

Kehlani’s last post revealed why she was able to keep her cool during Walker’s rant.

“I was in [a] a virtual therapy session all the time,” she captioned a selfie. “Therapy works babes, I’m the proof.”

While the singer’s social media posts about the confrontation were winding down, Walker’s were moving on. He shared his side of the story in an Instagram post on Wednesday afternoon. The memory of his interaction with the “Gangsta” artist grew into a larger tirade about “leftists” who “can’t handle anyone who has a different opinion.”

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