Joy Behar Admits She’s “Afraid of Marriage Counseling” on ‘The View’: Here’s Why

Joy Behar shared her honest opinion on what she thinks about marriage counseling on today’s episode of The view and opened up about why she’s “scared” of it. The conversation took place during a Hot Topics segment, in which the ladies discussed a woman who made a pros and cons list about her boyfriend and then accidentally sent it to him.

Ana Navarro was the first host to chime in with her mind when she said, “You don’t pay for abortions with checks, you don’t pay hookers with Venmo, and you don’t put pros and cons in writing,” before Behar asked what benefits she would list for her husband. Navarro joked, “He always wants to have sex. His biggest scam? He always wants to have sex.”

She went on to relay a message to Gen Z, a generation who criticized Alyssa Farah Griffin – a millennial – for tending to overanalyze everything. Navarro told viewers, “Everything in life — jobs, relationships, family — it’s all a game of pros and cons.”

Behar, who has been married to her husband for 11 years, said it’s like marriage counseling, adding, “I’m really scared of marriage counseling because you say things you don’t want them to remember. You know, “He’s not that great in the sack.” Don’t say that because then he’ll remember it for the rest of the marriage.”

When Navarro clarified that you would say that in front of your husband, Behar assured her, “Yes, in a marriage counseling session you would.” Meanwhile, Sara Haines said, “We did therapy and it never comes up. It’s not a problem, but…”

Behar interjected, “Well, maybe because it’s not a problem.”

The view airs weekdays at 11/10 a.m. on ABC.

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