Is ombrophobia real? Anna’s condition explained to the woman in the house

In Netflix’s The Woman in the House, Kristen Bell’s character Anna has an irrational fear of rain that causes her to pass out when a storm hits.

Warning: spoilers ahead The woman in the house across from the girl in the window

Netflix TThe woman in the house across from the girl in the window Kristen Bell plays a grieving woman suffering from ombrophobia, but what exactly is this fear and is it even real? In the series, ombrophobia is the disabling, irrational fear of rain. For Anna this means that if she gets caught in the rain she will faint within seconds. The fear began after the tragic death of her young daughter and is so extreme that she refuses to drive long distances, fearing a possible downpour could make her pass out at the wheel. Because of this, she usually stays at home, spying on her neighbors and drinking her favorite wine.


Anna’s daughter Elizabeth (Appy Pratt) was killed three years before the TV show began after being murdered by a serial killer who then began eating her. She was accidentally locked in a room alone with the cannibal after joining her father and Anna’s ex-husband Douglas (an FBI forensic psychologist played by ). 2 fast 2 angry‘ Michael Ealy) for Take Your Kid to Work Day. Anna blames herself for convincing Douglas to take Elizabeth against his original will and for developing a fear of rain because it had just started to fall when she said goodbye to them, causing her to associate it with her child’s death to connect.

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Ombrophobia is a very real condition that generally does not develop from fear of rain itself, but rather from fear of the negatively perceived effects that follow rainstorms, such as thunder and lightning. For this reason it is sometimes confused with pluviophobia – the fear of anything to do with rain. Kristen Bell’s character isn’t afraid of lightning or thunder, however, but she does associate rain with the worst thing that has ever happened to her. The limited series, which is one of the best Netflix originals released in January 2022, shows her fear by showing her passing out multiple times in the middle of the street. As soon as she notices water droplets, she freezes and cannot even make it across the street to her neighbor’s house.

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Anna miraculously manages to overcome her crippling fear at the end of Episode 8. While this is clearly a darkly comedic moment that pokes fun at Amy Adam’s seemingly quick recovery at the end The woman in the window, it is also meant to represent how she moves forward. In a group therapy session earlier in the season, Anna admits she’s worried she’ll forget her daughter as she recovers. As a result, although her anxiety has brought her life to a halt, she is unsure if she is ready to move on from it.

In the series finale, Anna attempts to pursue Buell, played by Cameron Britton mind hunter Fame. When trying to cross the street, she falls to the ground again. After passing out, she has a flashback of Elizabeth locked up with the cannibal killer, apparently giving her enough strength to drag herself across the street, down the stairs, and to her neighbor’s doorstep. She is able to muster this inner strength because she suspects that Buell is on his way to kill the little girl across the street. After that she can dance in the rain.

While some viewers found this overly symbolic, it’s a solid example of what the show was trying to accomplish. It’s a deadbeat comedy created to be a parody of more serious thrillers The girl on the train. The woman in the house across from the girl in the window manages to poke fun at the genre and lifts off several plot points blow after blow The woman in the window, including a phobia that limits the character’s ability to travel outside of her home. At the same time, the themes addressed are presented in a way that makes sense in the context of Anna’s story.

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