Inspirational Plymouth dad who takes to the field for mental health

Tyler Eastham, a father and full-time carpenter from Plymouth, set up a forum at the start of the lockdown and continued to raise mental health awareness with a fundraiser for football matches in December.

Clean Sheet was created to get men, women and children to talk about their mental health, especially those who play soccer.

The two teams start on December 18th at 12 noon and collect donations for clean sheet and the local bereavement service for fathers, Little Things and Co.

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“Clean sheet coincides with Little Things and everything we address that day is shared fifty and fifty,” Tyler said.

“Two groups of similar people come together because the little thing is an awareness group for grieving fathers. So it goes hand in hand with what I do.

“I make people talk and he can get away with his charity by getting people to play soccer.

“This is more of a Christmas get-together to raise money and raise awareness by bringing mental health to football.”

He added, “I had 67 people asking to be on the roster. It was hard to choose the team, but I wanted to find people who care.

“Every member of the clean sheet soccer team gave something back, whether they bought t-shirts for their team or shared something on social media. You really supported us.

“There’s a mix of people between the ages of sixteen and 55 who play in the charity soccer game.”

The reason Tyler started Clean Sheet was because his childhood friend took his own life. He wants to prevent it from happening to others.

He told PlymouthLive, “I don’t want anyone else to go through it even when people approach a friend, even if they think they are not looking good.

“I don’t want someone to lose someone close to them. If I’ve helped save a life, I’ve done enough. “

In addition to clean sheet, Tyler works weekly at Plymouth UTC to support children in college who are having difficulty in class, and said they had welcomed him with “open arms” from the start. He said it was a “massive success”.

He said, “I go in every Friday and talk to children who are having difficulty in class and offer individual tutoring.

“You’re more likely to speak to someone outside of school than to a teacher.”

Goals 5-Aside soccer on Outland Road has also started selling clean sheet merchandise.

Tyler said it was another “big step in the train of consciousness” to talk about mental health.

You can find more information about Clean Sheet on the Facebook page here.

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