In the relationship of RHOP star Robyn Dixon


When Juan Dixon asked Robyn Dixon to marry him in December 2019, she continued to write Instagram, “An untraditional relationship requires a nontraditional ring.” Later in the post, she added, “Sweeter the second time.” This is because this isn’t the first time Juan and Robyn have been engaged to each other. The daily mail reported that they had been married for seven years since 2005.

However, Bravo reported that they have maintained a united front when it comes to raising their two sons, Corey and Carter. The duo stayed close to raise their children together; Juan has even appeared on “RHOP” since the show started. The Daily Mail writes that during his application, Juan said, “As you all know, Robyn and I have tried this before. It did not work. I was young and stupid for the second time. Will you marry me?”

And the ring that Juan suggested shows how unique their relationship is. On Instagram, Robyn sketched: “I told a little bird that if Juan ever proposes I don’t want a diamond ring … it didn’t work out so well the first time, lol.” I fell in love with the pink morganite stone because I wanted something with meaning and meaning. Morganite stands for unconditional love – something that shows our relationship and that we have relied on. “

Robyn told Bravo that she hopes to have a small goal, but the pandemic has ruined her plans.

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