Hulk reveals the one Marvel character he never really hurt

The Hulk just revealed there’s a character in the Marvel Comics universe he never hurt as one of Bruce Banner’s few happy memories.

Spoilers for Hulk #9 from Marvel ComicsBruce Banner and the hulk dig deeper into their childhood trauma as the hero admits there’s only one person he’s never really hurt. in the hulk #9 by Marvel Comics, Banner speaks to Doc Samson, who acts as his therapist in his mind, where he reveals one of his few happy memories, as he had a childhood friend named Logan – who is revealed to be the only person he never hurts Has. The revelation shows just how much trauma Banner has endured in his life.


While Bruce Banner had a troubled time after becoming the Hulk and turning into a literal rage monster, most of his emotional trauma stems from his childhood. While he has ruined many relationships due to his monstrous looks and actions, Banner stalled most of his upbringing when he was abused by his father, Brian Banner. As a result, Banner has few fond memories of growing up. However, the Hulk just admitted that his friendship with a kid named Logan was one of the few positive aspects of his childhood and that his former boyfriend was the only person he never hurt.

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in the hulk #9 From Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Marte Gracia, Matt Hollingsworth and Cory Petit of VC from Marvel Comics, Bruce Banner has made some upgrades as he sits inside the monster’s psyche and adds a Star Trek-like crew to the Hulks Understanding. Banner activated the “Sampson Protocol” after being locked out of Starship Hulk, where he is forced to complete two-hour daily therapy sessions in order to regain control of Starship Hulk. In his first seen session with Samson, Banner is asked to think about good things from his childhood and all he can think of is his friend Logan. Banner admits that Logan (not Wolverine) saved his life as his friend (and home) and gave him a place to feel safe and avoid abuse from his father, Brian Banner. He also admits that Logan is the “only person he’s never hurt.”

So what happened to Bruce Banner’s friend Logan?

At the end of the therapy session, Doc Samson, who has helped Hulk before, asks Bruce Banner what happened to Logan. Banner admits they lost touch growing up, which makes his time with him such a happy memory as he is the “only person” the Hulk and has never harmed his human side.

Finding out that Bruce Banner has a childhood friend who’s the only person he’s never hurt feels like deliberate teasing to Logan that resurfaces in future story arcs. Given all the damage and trauma Banner endured as both Bruce and Hulk, it’s good that he has at least one positive memory to go back to if need be. hulk Marvel Comics #9 is available now in comic book stores.

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