Housing Agency Grants Grant to Support Counseling Programs | Messages

BISMARCK, ND — The North Dakota Housing Finance Agency (NDHFA) has received a $72,840 housing advisory grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The agency will split the grant between two partner organizations — Minot’s Community Action Opportunities and Fargo’s Southeastern North Dakota Community Action Agency.

“The Counseling Grant supports services primarily for tenants and households experiencing or at risk of homelessness,” said David Flohr, NDHFA executive director. “The support provided includes help finding affordable rental housing, pre-rental advice, late payment assistance and help with credit issues.”

Individuals and families in need of assistance are encouraged to contact one of the HUD Certified Housing Advisory Agencies to understand their options. There are no fees for the Services. For assistance, contact Community Action Opportunities of Minot at (701) 839-7221 or Southeastern North Dakota Community Action Agency of Fargo at (701) 232-2452.

NDHFA acts as an intermediary for the consultancy funds applied for from the HUD on behalf of the local organizations. The Agency’s role is primarily to help improve the quality of counseling services and improve coordination between providers.

The NDHFA is a self-sustaining state agency dedicated to making housing affordable for all North Dakota residents. The North Dakota Industrial Commission, consisting of Governor Doug Burgum as chairman, Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring, and Attorney General Drew H. Wrigley, oversees the NDHFA. More information about the agency and the support it provides to North Dakotan residents is available online at www.ndhfa.org.

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