Hawaiian boy band Crossing Rain share aloha for Mental Health Awareness Month

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) — Crossing Rain, a new boy band of young Hawaiian men, is launching a campaign to help teens focus on their mental health. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The members are:

  • Evan Harutoshi Doria, also known as “Haru”, is a graduate of Campbell High School.
  • Wyatt Keola Dean Kaneshiro, also known as “Monarch”, is a graduate of Kaiser High School. ·
  • Jorden Kealoha-Yamanaka, also known as “J”, is a Hilo native and a graduate of the Big Island’s Kamehameha Schools.
  • Asher Morgado is from Waianae.
  • Shotaro Takasawa is a native of Japan and from Waialae-Kahala.
  • Devin Teruya is a graduate of Aiea High School.

Known to their fans as XR, the men aim to bring information, encouragement, hope, inspiration and the spirit of Aloha to those who have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic.

“Mental Health Awareness Month is very important to us,” Kaneshiro said. “Because they’re things we all struggle with. And we go through every single day. And that’s why we want our fans more or anyone else who’s watching us or listening to our music to just be encouraged and just know that they’re not alone.”

“We want to spread this message around the world, that this spirit of aloha and how Hawaiian values ​​and culture can help and raise awareness about mental health,” Kealoha-Yamanaka said.

“No matter where our fans may be from, we want to make sure we reach each and every one of them,” said Doria. “That way we can lift them up and support them when they need it.”

“Our album ‘Dreams’ is very special to us because we all follow our dreams to get here. And so we want to encourage our fans to also pursue their dreams with all their heart, soul and energy because we love what we do. And we love being on stage and being performers. And that’s why we wanted to call our first album Dreams, because it’s like our dreams are coming true,” Kaneshiro said.

“I’m glad I communicated with my parents and they helped me, so I’m so grateful to them. So I just want to say out there it’s okay. that you need help And I encourage you to go out and talk to those you trust,” Morgado said.

“Even if someone shows no signs or if they say they’re fine and they’re just smiling, you never really know what’s inside and it might hurt,” Teruya said. “It’s just really important to always treat everyone with respect and be gracious. And just showing them kindness because it might make their day.”

For more information, visit their website at crossrain.comdownload their app and follow them on social media.

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