Grégoire Trudeau to advance the CMHA’s mental health campaign

After struggling with eating disorders and anxiety as a young woman, the PM’s wife has teamed up with a national mental health organization to promote mental health awareness.

Last fall, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau sought a collaboration with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), CEO Margaret Eaton said.

Grégoire Trudeau will help remove the stigma surrounding mental illness while raising awareness of programs and services that help people struggling with mental illness, Eaton told iPolitics on Thursday.

“We’re looking at opportunities where (Grégoire Trudeau) can use her platform … events, (including) Mental Health Week in May, (pushing) content on social media and as a spokesperson for CMHA,” she said.

The National Volunteer Role of Grégoire Trudeau meets the compliance measures under the Conflicts of Interest Act.

41 percent of Canadians have experienced a deterioration in their mental health since the pandemic began in March 2020, Eaton said. Indigenous, racialized, youth and LGBTQ communities have suffered the most.

Mental health problems appeared to be improving last fall, until Omicron created increased demand for mental health services, Eaton said.

She appeared before the House Finance Committee in its pre-budget consultations on Monday, where she told lawmakers that a recovery plan must include a short- and long-term mental health plan.

“Specifically, we’d like to see $57 million (in the next budget) so that CMHA branches can be more responsive to mentioning local health to get rid of waiting lists for those who need help,” Eaton said.

CMHA is also calling for increased Aboriginal mental health spending and additional housing for people with mental health and addiction problems.

Also on Monday, the Canadian Radio, Television and Telecommunications Commission completed its consultation for a national three-line suicide prevention hotline, stemming from a December 2020 motion by Conservative MP Todd Doherty.

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