Free Child Speech and Language Delay Detection Sessions in Dubai

Dubai: The Hayati Health Center in Dubai is organizing free speech and professional education training and consultation for parents, guardians and teachers on September 24 from 10:00 am. The goal of the event is to help parents identify early signs of speech and language delays, sensory disorders and other warning signs that could be affecting their child’s development.

“The sooner the better,” says Sneha Kothari, event director and speech and language pathologist at Hayati Health Centre. “Early intervention helps identify and treat developmental delays such as speech and language delays, sensory disorders, cognitive abilities, and socio-emotional delays. Understanding how to monitor children’s behavior and how to manage it is crucial when your child is diagnosed with a developmental delay. We have organized this open day with the sole aim of educating, raising awareness and supporting parents and children on this journey. Therefore, we warmly welcome them to come to our center, participate in workshops and consultations, meet the experts and get all their questions answered.”

By attending the workshop, parents can listen to experts and then receive free one-on-one counseling.

• How do you recognize language delays in a child? The Benefit, Importance and Plan for Early Intervention by Atoosa Muzafar, Speech Therapist.

• Rewards and punishments for young children by registered behavioral engineer Sulaiman Ahmaz.

• Early Signs and Symptoms of Sensory Disorders and How to Address Them by Lorena Tabor, Occupational Therapist.

“At the Hayati Health Center we take a holistic and open approach that also includes family dynamics. By combining the years of experience of our therapists and clinicians with science-based, best practices, we offer a level of interventional therapy and rehabilitation with real results that you can follow every step of your child’s journey with us. This workshop and educational sessions will definitely provide encouragement, support and access to activities that allow the child to improve vital developmental skills.” said Dr. Ahmed Hussein, Managing Director of the Hayati Health Centre.

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