Five Coronation Street spoilers as Audrey’s drinking becomes life-threatening

AUDREY Roberts has been called out about her drinking in the past – and chose to ignore the concerns.

But this week on Coronation Street, she is left with no choice but to face reality as her life is in danger. Here’s what you need to know.


Audrey’s life is at stake this weekcredit“>Photo credit: ITV
She was previously called out because of her drinking problem


She was previously called out because of her drinking problemPhoto credit: ITV
But her family remains helpless


But her family remains helplessPhoto credit: ITV

1. Audrey’s life is in danger

Loyal Weatherfield actress Audrey (portrayed by Sue Nicholls) has been a cause for concern for her family and friends, and her enemy Rita Tanner has even tried to reason with her about her drinking habits.

But this week, worries about her confidence in the bottle are put back in the spotlight as she is involved in a horrific drunk accident.

The barber has a harsh wake-up call.

Next, Shona agrees to keep an eye on Audrey on the condition that her daughter Gail (Helen Worth) dispose of the Thai brass elephant.

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But with Audrey gone, Gail tracks her down to the Rovers, where she tries to snatch a bottle of red wine from her hand.

Later, longtime rivals Audrey and Rita (Barbara Knox) ​​finally bury the hatchet and toast the shameful aging.

It’s clear that Audrey’s addiction takes up the most of her time, as she is then found by Rita at the Rovers while enjoying her first drink of the day.

Despite their past differences, Rita is willing to help Audrey by pointing out that she owns the barber shop.

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Rita goes on to suggest that it’s time Audrey got back to work.

David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) despairs when his grandmother Audrey announces she is returning to work, before breaking open the wine and flirting with Ryan, who expects a cut.

When he claims that she should go home, Audrey agrees, but as she goes to her coat, she trips over the Thai elephant and leaves him on the ground.

A tipsy Audrey then plays foosball with Ryan and Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) insists she go home – but Audrey refuses.

At her wit’s end, Gail tries to reason with Audrey.

But when she broaches the subject of her drinking, Audrey lashes out and announces she’s moving home effective immediately.

Back at the barber’s, Audrey trips into the motorcycle, which falls and knocks her over as Audrey screams for help in vain.

She lies motionless in the hairdresser after being there all night.

Audrey's son Stephen Reid is furious as he returns to the cobbles


Audrey’s son Stephen Reid is furious as he returns to the cobblesPhoto credit: ITV

2. Stephen returns

Todd Boyce aka Stephen Reid has not been seen at Weatherfield for nearly fifteen years.

But this week, Audrey’s son is poised for a shocking comeback on screens while his mother fights for her life.

The morning after Audrey’s accident, and with her screams inaudible all night, Brian finds her on the ground and rushes off to get help.

Later, Stephen Reid emerges from a cab, breaks down the door and finds his mother barely conscious.

Meanwhile, the Platts discuss how they can help Audrey with her addiction through a secret intervention and with a little help from Peter Barlow.

The meeting is interrupted by Brian, who breaks the news that there is an ambulance outside for Audrey, who is unwell.

Stephen, learning that Audrey was left alone with no one noticing she was missing, is angry at his family and gets into the ambulance with Audrey.

Meanwhile, Gail (Helen Worth) is wracked with guilt.

Will Audrey make it?


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Max thought he had found a new girlfriend


Max thought he had found a new girlfriendPhoto credit: ITV

3. Max is being blackmailed

Recent episodes of the Manchester-based soap opera have revealed that Max Turner (Paddy Bever) has found a new love interest in the form of Sonya.

However, fans predicted this budding connection was too good to be true for the Weatherfield troublemaker when the couple chatted online — and they might be right.

Next, Max prepares for his date with Sonya.

Shortly after, he receives a text from Sonya asking him to send her a picture of the whole package so she knows what to expect from him.

Max is stunned but agrees, returns home and unbuttons his shirt.

But the truth comes out when a perplexed Sonya reveals over dinner that she has never received or returned any messages from him.

Max and Sonya are horrified to discover that someone has duped them.

Things only get worse when Max’s phone rings with a horrific message demanding £1,000… or his nude picture goes viral.

The youngster has no choice but to let his father David (Jack P. Shepherd) take care of the situation.

In later scenes, the barber makes a decision and tells Max that they will not pay his blackmailer.

Max has no choice but to go to school and fight back.

He soon faces the individuals hustling him for money while Chris and Blake trick him and quote his messages to Sonya.

Could Max go back to his old ways?

Peter Barlow confronts Dr.  thorne


Peter Barlow confronts Dr. thornePhoto credit: ITV

4. Peter receives shock news

Elsewhere, Peter Barlow (portrayed by Chris Gascoyne) still has a chicken with Dr. Thorne (Dominic Mafham) after the surgeon made fun of his liver transplant.

The Weatherfield cab driver is still determined to set the record straight and get revenge on Henry Thorne, especially after receiving some disturbing news.

This week, after meeting his nephew, attorney Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson), Peter angrily tells his wife Carla (Alison King) that there isn’t enough evidence to prove Dr. bring Thorne to justice.

The manager of the Underworld factory tells him that, given the havoc his anger has previously caused, he should let the problem go – but Peter will not heed their advice.

Ken Barlow (William Roache) and Simon (Alex Bain) are concerned when Peter decides to take matters back into his own hands by helping Dr. Getting Thorne to confess to wrongdoing.

peter meets dr Thorne and demands a full confession along with an apology.

But the surgeon is on to him and, having immediately revealed his game, forces Peter to show his phone, which is recording.

Will there be fights between the two men?

Sally and Tim struggle with their sex lives


Sally and Tim struggle with their sex livesPhoto credit: ITV

5. Tim and Sally make a decision

Sally and Tim Metcalfe (portrayed by Sally Dynevor and Joe Duttine) deal with more personal matters while trying to reignite passion in the bedroom.

But as they do everything in their power to get their sex life back on track, Tim becomes increasingly frustrated with their decision.

Next, a distraught Tim laments to Sally that changing his meds hasn’t helped and he fears their sex life is over.

Sally assures him that she loves him no matter what.

Later, Dr. Gaddas that he and Sally are seeing a sex therapist, but Tim isn’t thrilled.

This leads them to meet experts Trina conducting the first sex therapy session and urging Sally and Tim to look into each other’s eyes.

Tim feels uncomfortable and declares it a total scam and a waste of time, leaving Sally disappointed in his attitude.

In later scenes, Nurse Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) confides in Tim that she and her husband Ed had a silly argument.

But when he realizes he’s going to be late for a lunch with Sally, Tim doesn’t have time to listen.

Sally and Tim pretend to be on a first date, but Tim is distracted when he overhears Ed telling Ronnie and Debbie about his fight with Aggie.

Sally is fed up with being ignored and goes home feeling neglected.

Can the couple ever fix their marriage?

Coronation Street airs on ITV from 8pm.

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