FCJ students promote mental health support through pop-up tent initiative

THE TY students at FCJ Bunclody recently took part in a very successful mental health initiative raising awareness of bystander support services around the city.

Working with Wexford Mental Health, the students set up a mental health pop-up tent on the Mall in the city center and distributed awareness leaflets from there.

The students are participating in this year’s Gaisce Awards initiative and as part of it they had to do community work and a decision was made to promote mental health awareness.

About the initiative, Wexford Mental Health’s Niall O Muiri said it had been a great success and had given students the opportunity to learn about mental health support themselves while promoting it among members of the wider community.

Niall teaches mental health and wellbeing in schools and has been involved with the FCJ students through a six week program.

“People often put fliers in public places and in schools, but people often don’t read them as much as they should,” Niall said.

“But the main goal with this was to have the students distribute the Big 8 pamphlet and a pamphlet on stress and anxiety management,” he added.

Another aspect of the initiative was to encourage men to be aware of the importance of opening up about their mental health and of the different types of support available.

“The students really enjoyed it and that was very important and they got information from it as well,” Niall said.

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