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And now that Faber’s statement makes it clear that he will not bow to the undercurrents that seek to remove him, he informed the media that he has taken personal steps to address some weaknesses. The party leader says he had been out of the country for two weeks when he decided to start a consultation to address his anger management.

Faber, close to tears, also spoke about whether he deliberately staged the video with his daughter’s mother.

Patrick Faber, chairman of the UDP: “I’ve told people over the years that these questions arise about my personal life. I love the people who are involved despite what has happened, and I speak specifically of the mothers of my children. So I’m not going to speak badly. These matters, I would hope people will allow me to stay private. I don’t want to get into any back and forth. I admit that there are times when my temper has fallen completely off and that is a matter that I need to address. In my view, there are few people who can trigger me this way, but the fact that it can happen justifies the kind of help I am looking for now and I am really trying to seek that help. I have come to my own realization. I don’t want to hurt anyone in this world. All I try to be honest with you is to love my children and have a good relationship with my children, which is the most important thing to me. I love my children and get very passionate when this turns against me. I know I have a problem, I’ll take care of it, but I won’t judge anyone. “

There’s a lot more to share on the political front, including Shyne Barrow’s comments on Faber and how the party ended up here.

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