Dr. Alex George receives a letter from a 10-year-old mental health activist that moves him to tears

Former Welsh Love Islander and now British Youth Ambassador for Mental Health to the British Government, Dr. Alex George, received a letter from a 10-year-old boy after failing to reply to his email or Instagram message.

Alfie runs his own mental health campaign, raising awareness and creating posters with his Instagram account @shinealightwithalfie.

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Alfie wrote to Dr. Alex and asked him to pose with one of his mental health awareness posters and snap a photo saying he tried to contact him via email and Instagram but was unsuccessful.

The letter reads, “I tried to contact you via email and Instagram, but I’m not sure you saw these because you are so busy, so I thought I’d text you instead. “

Dr. Alex became famous during the 2018 series of Love island and has since returned to his job as an ambulance and after suffering a personal tragedy as his younger brother Llyr George has committed suicide struggling with mental health has become a major mental health activist.

Dr. Alex posted a photo of Alfie’s letter and the poster on his own Instagram account and said it brought a tear to his eyes.

He said, “It’s so amazing. It brings me tears to see such a young person who stands up for what he believes in.”

Dr. Alex with Alfie’s poster

Alex posed with the poster and said he would display it in his office: “Alfie, I think your message is amazing and this will have a place of honor in my HQ. Great love and keep it up!” with a blue love heart.

The former Love Islander isn’t the only famous face Alfie has contacted with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Police and Detective Superintendent, among whom Alfie also asked to show his poster.

Dr. Alex recently released a documentary on the mental health of young people in which he admitted he had found it difficult to return to Wales since his brother’s death.

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