Demi shares IG’s emotional post on mental health decline

Demi Burnett, featured on The Bachelor, shares an emotional Instagram post about her journey through mental health issues and her self-esteem.

Demi Burnett, previously on The bachelor Season 23, on social media about her recent struggles with mental health. As the queen of cheek and scandal, Demi once played a huge role in Bachelor Nation, even appearances on Bachelor in paradise, and now the reality star has retired from the series. Still advocates of LGBTQ + representation The bachelor, Demi has taken decisive steps to stop being known for her toxicity and cryptic drama on the big screen.

Demi may not have been causing an on-screen turmoil since her time on both series. But she has continued to be embroiled in a number of dramatic events, including the fallout with Reality Steve and even the accusation of wearing racist clothing. Known for bringing diversity to the franchise, Demi has generated mixed emotions from both fans and the media that are almost a distant memory in the minds of audiences today.


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According to DemiThe reality star has had a difficult year on Instagram, she says “embarrass[ment]“and several”Mental breakdowns“Due to her deteriorating mental health. Demi has been tough on her opinions many times, but the reality star has humiliated herself with this heartbreaking account of her current struggles. She only showed the top half of Demi’s face and wrote a long post on like that Life has been looking for her in the past few months, describing her commitment to sobriety, contacting health care professionals for mental health care and her commitment to “grow even if it hurts. “Vulnerable and authentic, Demi stands up for those who suffer in silence because of their mental health.

Amid the good wishes for the new year, Demi has taken a very different approach to looking at 2022. She sets her limits and is not ready “camouflage“Her true emotions to please others, Demi has proven to be stronger than she appears on TV. Demi has overcome shocking scandals and has dedicated the new year to being the best you can be, even if the path to better health is chaotic love and “discover“Your own thoughts, Demi has shown an appreciation for self-awareness. With a long journey ahead, Demi reveals the imperfections behind it The bachelor and what the stars of the series are going through behind closed doors.

With a new season of The bachelor approaches, helps Demi bring reality back to reality television. Demi gives a voice to many unheard people who are having the same experiences and provides a tool for others to use to express their own truths, be it on social media or with loved ones. When Clayton becomes the next bachelor, hopefully him and the rest of Bachelor Nation can channel Demi’s courage and unwavering authenticity, devoid of the glitz and glamor of The bachelor.

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The bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

Source: Demi Burnett/ Instagram

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