Clinical advisor weighs weapons that have been brought into schools

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (WAVE) – After an Iroquois high school student was caught on a cell phone video draw a gun on another student During Thursday’s discharge, licensed clinical advisors said training needs to go beyond the books and focus on solving the root cause of the violence.

This is at least the eleventh weapon found on the JCPS campus, the second incident in a week, and the third weapon found on Iroquois High since August.

Jerron Jones is a licensed professional clinical advisor serving JCPS adolescents and working in schools. He feels “heartbroken” when he sees gun situations going on at school, but knows that there are probably many more guns that go unnoticed.

“I can guess and assume that depending on where you teach, probably over half of your students have guns in their backpacks, and that’s a scary feeling,” said Jones.

Jones told WAVE 3 News that educators need to focus on why students feel the need to get guns on campus. Many of the problems faced by students in life and in the community invade the classroom.

“Children come out of school and leave school with so much trauma and if they don’t have the ability to process it, they’ll never understand the importance of resolving conflict. Gun violence as their weapon,” said Jones.

If JCPS students are caught with guns on campus, the district handbook states that they will be referred to an alternate school and must stay there for a full year. However, it’s not clear if this has happened in each of the 11 gun incidents at the JCPS this year.

Jones said there needs to be stronger punishment for students bringing guns to school, as well as a program that teaches children how to better deal with their problems in the future.

“If you’ve stolen what I would call a rehabilitation facility (Jefferson County Youth Detention Center), these kids have nowhere else to go but home, or when they are suspended they are still at home playing video games. and there is no rehab process to get back into the academic environment, ”said Jones.

“The school is a safe haven, but when you think of the responsibility for bringing guns into school, I think that’s the missing component,” he added. “What does this student learn if he’s caught with this gun? What are the chances that they’ll bring a gun back next month or next semester? It will likely happen. “

According to the JCPS, the student at Iroquois High was disciplined according to district guidelines and the prosecution was investigated.

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