Center of Concern obtains approval from HUD Local Housing Counseling Agency

The HUD program helps homeowners and renters make responsible choices

Submitted by Kristy Garceau

The Center of Concern, Des Plaines is now a US Department of Housing and Urban Development accredited local housing counseling agency. With HUD-certified housing consultants, the agency is specially prepared to help residents assess their financial situation, evaluate options, and create housing assistance plans.

“With inflation affecting everything from groceries to gasoline, a shortage of affordable housing, and the timely assistance residents need to access effective community resources, the need for our agency’s housing services is critical Stabilizing families bigger than ever,” said Center of Concern Executive Director John McNabola.

As a HUD-approved housing agency, the Center of Concern is able to advise consumers on finding, financing, maintaining, renting or owning a home and addressing homelessness through counseling and assisting homeowners who need foreclosure assistance.

With specialized training from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, clients can rest assured that the Center of Concern’s housing consultants are well-equipped to evaluate options and obtain quality, affordable housing.

If you or someone you know needs housing assistance, contact the Center of Concern at (847) 823-0453 or [email protected]

The mission of the Center of Concern is to provide housing assistance, support services and counseling to older adults, people with disabilities and others in need to enable them to live with dignity and independence. The Center of Concern’s website is

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