Caroline Gaddis is absent from League City

Caroline Gaddis’ parents are asking for help locating their 39-year-old daughter, who was last killed on March 18.

GALVESTON, Texas — Police and family members are asking for help locating a League City woman who has been missing for more than a week.

Caroline Gaddis, a 39-year-old consultant, was last seen leaving her office in Galveston on March 18. After that, her parents said she disappeared.

“If she was gone for a week, she would be gone for a week… it’s just like that… it’s unlike her not to say anything about it,” Caroline Gaddis’ mother Judy Gaddis said.

Caroline Gaddis’ parents have been a wreck since they received the call from their daughter’s work last week.

“I got a call from her office, from her work, and they said, ‘You know, she’s not here, your daughter isn’t here, do you know where she is?'” said her father, Bob Gaddis . “I have no idea.”

That was last Tuesday when Caroline Gaddis didn’t show up for work. The day before, on Monday, a colleague said Caroline Gaddis had texted Caroline Gaddis saying she was ill. That’s the last message anyone was able to confirm who sent it.

“From the start there’s just kind of a valley and the mind is just spinning,” said Bob Gaddis. “What happened here?”

Judy and Bob Gaddis called the League City Police Department after receiving the call from their daughter’s work. They were at her daughter’s home where the police were conducting a social check. Police said they saw nothing that would indicate foul play, but her father said there were some things that struck him as suspicious.

“It looked occupied, but from my perspective, it looked like she left behind… things that you wouldn’t leave at home if you were planning on going anywhere,” said Bob Gaddis. “She had a packed holdall with clothes, cosmetics, her hair dryer, her brush, things that a woman normally doesn’t leave behind, no matter how rushed you are.”

Caroline Gaddis’ car has disappeared and her cell phone is off. Her parents try not to fear the worst and hope someone can tell them where their daughter might be.

Texas Equusearch said it was assisting with the search. If you have any information, you are asked to call League City Police at 281-332-2566.

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