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Career and college counseling is a critical step in helping students find and determine the direction they should take in their college education and career. Ironically, the need for this type of educational guidance continues to be underestimated in India despite being a country with the highest youth population in the world. Counseling to support and facilitate decisions about colleges and career opportunities is the magic wand to transform this demographic opportunity for the benefit of the nation.

Amrita Ghulati, Academic Head, IC3 Institute, says: “College and career choice is one of the most important decisions a student makes and it has long-term implications on both an individual and societal level. In addition, it includes choices at multiple levels: course, college and country.” She adds: Behind such decision-making are discussions about interests, suitability, values, identity, strengths, aspirations and personal circumstances, all of which require the intervention of an expert require to make the process as stress free as possible and in an informed manner. Additionally, the right guidance at the right time can support the building of 21st century skills and deepen academic engagement, preparing students for an exciting and promising future.

A proactive college counseling program is designed to help students explore their interests and career opportunities. It can help students in a number of ways:

Directing energy in a positive and fruitful direction

Improve academic results

Add to confidence

At the school level, the benefits continue:

Create a purpose-driven student body/minimize undesirable behaviors

Avoid dropouts by contextualizing learning and actively discussing ways and goals for the future

Align engagement with the parent community in the best interests of the student

In order to create a pool of self-reliant future generations, it is high time to embrace the value of career and college guidance in education as essential while keeping a larger context in mind. Career and college guidance, when carefully introduced into every school, can prove to be the catalyst for many notable changes in education, such as:

Equal access to and inclusion in higher education opportunities in diverse student communities through awareness raising to eventually bridge the gap between disadvantaged, marginalized groups

Breaking down gender stereotypes/disparities in the professional world (e.g. increasing girls’ participation in STEM programmes; increasing boys’ participation in humanities education)

Increasing academic success and meeting the needs of the workforce by expanding the mindset and embracing the dynamic range of careers and their prospects

food for thought

Counseling is the only way to maximize student success across the spectrum (gender identity, academic status, socioeconomic category), resulting in happy and motivated 25-year-olds who will love Monday mornings!

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